40 Days of Blogging: The Conclusion

When I started out on this 40 Days of Blogging journey I did not know two things:

  1. Lent is a period of 40 days WITHOUT counting Sundays meaning either I should have given myself off on Sundays or that I should have really been writing for 46 days. That would’ve been nice to know as I was labeling these posts because I kept getting VERY confused about the numbering.
  2. I would be going to California, leaving before Easter Sunday and therefore technically not blogging for the full period of Lent.

What I did know is that I made a promise to myself to write a post every day for 40 days. And for 38 days now I have kept that promise (minus yesterday because I was busy packing for my trip and visiting family). I have to say I am proud of myself for completing my goal. I know I technically did not make it to the big 4-0, but that was not by choice. I would keep writing everyday if I could, but I have adventures waiting for me out west and so it is with a tiny bit of sadness and a feeling of accomplishment that I write my last of my 40 Days of Blogging posts.

This experience has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I have gained new followers, had people “like” and share my posts, and have thought of something new to write about each day without making myself fall asleep. More importantly, I have gained confidence in my writing abilities. My writing is the one thing I have always been something I am confident about because (luckily) writing  has always come easily to me. I was the girl who was confused by people who complained about having 3 page papers to write. I took a creative writing class for fun. I WAS AN ENGLISH MAJOR FOR GOSH SAKES. However, 9 times out of 10 I still find myself plagued with doubt especially when it comes to posting my writing online. Sometimes I don’t write reviews to movies or shows I watch because I think, “What’s the point?” If the film I want to write about has been out for weeks or years why I would even bother writing something other tons of people already have opinions on? Specifically those people with more experience and intelligence than me.

However, this project forced me to share my opinions. If I didn’t have to think of a new topic to write about every day I guarantee you that around 75% of these posts wouldn’t have been written. But  they were and people read them (shocker of all shocks). I proved, mostly to myself, that my opinion matters. And honestly I don’t care that some of my posts had 6 readers and that some had 65, what matters most to me is that I had the courage to put it out there despite my previous misgivings.

I know going forward onto day 41 and 65 and even further into the future that I will be more willing to put my thoughts into writing. If you know me, even just via twitter, then you know I have A LOT to say (and if you know me in person I apologize because you know A LOT doesn’t even begin to cover it). I also know that I will try and not just write movie reviews in the future, but continue posting about books and music and lists and a more personal things particularly with this new, west coast chapter of my life beginning.

40 Days of Blogging may be done, but I’m not going anywhere. Well, except to California. This blog will still exist…just maybe after a short break. As always, thanks for reading, following, tweeting, liking, and sharing. Keep an eye out for my next post which will more likely than not be brought to you from another time zone!

Final Word

  • There may have been a few days where I posted after 12 am and then edited the date/time so it looked like it was posted at 11:59…


Why You Should Read: The MaddAddam Trilogy

I love apocalyptic and dystopian literature. So much so, that I took a class dedicated to the subject in college, one of my favorites with a great professor to boot. Sure, I may have graduated with a semi-useless English degree (or at least that’s what society tells me), but I did get to read some great books along the way, including the first book of the MaddAddam Trilogy: Oryx and Crake (2003). The three book series is written by Margaret Atwood and includes O&CThe Year of the Flood (2009), and the book I just finished, MaddAddam (2013).  

46756The MaddAddam trilogy is the best kind of post/apocalyptic literature because while reading you feel like the events could actually happen. Atwood says it best herself, “Although MaddAddam is a work of fiction, it does not include any technologies that do not already exist, are not under construction, or are not possible in theory.” It is the thing I love most about her writing-she takes our society and comments on it through speculation of what very well may come. In this case, the three novels revolve around a our depraved society where executions and suicides can be viewed on television, corporations have control over everything, and several animal species have been made extinct through human consumption. Those problems are seemingly solved with a global pandemic that kills everyone except for a young man named Jimmy and a new species of humans called Crakers and named for their maker. There is so much more that goes on, but in the spirit of not wanting to spoil anything I’ll refrain from mentioning much more.

While it may seem like the MaddAddam trilogy is just a story about survival, it is so much more. It is a story about creationism, science,  philosophy, morality, and  humanity. There are new gods, a boy who thinks he’s god, and (in one of my favorite moments) a curse word that becomes a god (it’s a long story). There is romance, betrayal, adventure, and death. It is one of those rare series that I hope never gets made into a film because I don’t think any movie would be able to accurately capture the complexity and depth of the story.

Oryx and Crake is the strongest and first book of the series. It deals with the actual events of the pandemic that ends most of 17262203humanity and also the mysterious and super intelligent Crake who is by far one of the most interesting characters in the series. The second book, The Year of the Flood is good, but could have used a bit of editing and contained long, not very interesting religious sections-although upon learning some of the things you do the third book, the second book gains new meaning. The first two novels take place over the same timeline, just dealing with the lives of different characters. The third novel continues after the events in the first two and extends into the future. MaddAddam acts as a bridge, but also a fitting ending to the story. Atwood answers enough of our questions about the events of the past while leaving the future open to some interpretations. Is history doomed to repeat itself or can humanity be saved? How do we feel about Crake at the end of the series? What happens after the book ends? It all depends on you.

The whole series is interesting, but Oryx and Crake should be read if nothing else because it contains the most of Atwood’s style, social commentary, and existential questioning of the three. The other books add interesting additional information, but some could argue that they are unnecessary. If you do want to read this series I would recommend reading the books in quick succession, especially the first two because you will get A LOT more out of them that way. I waited over two and a half years in between Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood and I forgot a lot of the little details that might have made me appreciate the second book more. Atwood has become one of my favorite writers and I cannot wait to read more of her work. With this book, written when she was 74, Atwood proves she is an intellectual badass and one of the strongest writers around.

Final Words

  • Other books I read in this Apocalyptic Literature class? Blindness, a haunting and immersive novel by Jose Saramago about a pandemic that causes everyone to lose sight except for one woman, a funny and poignant graphic novel series (I’m on Book 6 out of 10) Y: The Last Man by Brian Vaughn, and The Children of Men by P.D. James which is COMPLETELY different from the movie (and therefore ruined it for me).

Track by Track: Lights Out

Ingrid Michaelson holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. Firstly, she’s one of the more famous alumni of my alma mater, Binghamton University. Secondly her songs have been featured in some TV shows I watch including Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, and Brothers & Sisters (and shows I don’t watch like One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries). Thirdly her songs have a  way, like many songs do, of reminding me of specific people and places in my life and the memories associated with them them. Her sophomore album Be Ok (2008) reminds me a lot of my sophomore year of college (as well as some other things). Michaelson’s songs are so much fun; you can listen to them as straight pop songs, but underneath there are deeper messages about love, belonging, and being who you are. I am excited to hear this new album, especially with all of the awesome musicians who contribute vocals.

So here are my thoughts upon listening to Ingrid’s new album, Lights Out. It is being released on April 15, but you can stream it in full (like I am doing now) on iTunes First Play. (The tracklist is from Wikipedia so take that for what you will. Also, the lyrics are as I hear them…and I’m notorious for hearing lyrics wrong.)

1. Home

Sweet little opening song featuring classic Ingrid style vocals. Love the opening line “Even in the harshest of winters/I feel so warm.” A lot of her songs have great imagery of cold and rebirth. Maybe it’s due to all the time she spent enduring those cold Binghamton winters. I feel you, girl.

Favorite line: This is my home/Where I go when I don’t know/Where else to go

2. Girls Chase Boys

This is the single from the album and one I’ve heard a few times, but not in full. Love the opening chords, a little different sound than she usually has. Another one of those new songs with a good message which I’m all for.

Favorite line: Yeah I got two hands/One beating heart/And I’ll be alright

3.Wonderful Unknown (featuring Greg Laswell)

I like the drums on this track. It’s weird, I usually don’t notice those kind of things. It’s steady, reminds me of a heartbeat. I also really love her vocals on this track. It almost sounds echoey and far away; very wistful and sweet. Also, I just found out that she’s married to Greg Laswell so that made me love this song even more. He compliments her well without overshadowing.

Favorite line: In the best way/You’ll be the death of me

4. You Got Me (featuring Storyman)

Interesting use of Storyman here, the song is more of a duet than the previous one. I don’t think their vocals are as strong as hers though. Good song, but kind of forgettable. Do like the use of horns near the middle to end.

5. Warpath

Like the sound a lot. Reminds me a lot of “man hating country music” that I love so much (see: Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert). I can already tell this is one of those songs that I’ll be singing pretty loudly while driving (alone) in my car.

6. Handsome Hands

Love the sound of this song, reminds me a lot of her last album, Human Again (2012) in a good way. Very haunting. I can definitely see this being used in trailers the way it rises to a crescendo near the end.

7. Time Machine

Now this sounds the most like old Ingrid, but just a little bit groovier. Has a good toe tapping sound and I like the use of the sax. Lyrics aren’t my favorite, they’re kind of repetitive, but I like the overall feeling.

8. One Night Town (featuring Mat Kearney)

I’m dancing in my seat which is always a good sound. This one sounds like old Ingrid too, reminds me of “This is War” mixed with “Be OK” and a faster beat. I like the addition of Mat Kearney, makes it more pop-ey and fun. It’s one of those songs that I feel should be played over a montage of scenes from my life.

Favorite line: Headlight, heartbreak/We’ll go our own way

9. Open Hands (featuring Trent Dabbs)

Love the piano. This song has such a romantic, but also sad feeling. I want to see the lyrics for this song when the album is released because I feel like there is more then you can get with just one listen. I get the impression that this song will be really good live with her singing and playing along.

10. Ready to Lose (featuring Trent Dabbs)

Another really sweet, slow ballad. The piano is pretty, but less noticeable on this track; it’s more about her voice here. I like these two songs playing back to back, but I hope the next song isn’t as slow or this second half of the album will feel bogged down. I like the lyrics as well. They’re simple, but powerful about the fear of entering a relationship and the need for security. I think this song is one of my favorites.

Favorite line: I’m ready to lose/Everything to you/Tell me that you’re mine/Say it one more time

11. Stick

Good, but after the last song this one seems average. There is one section featuring violins prominently that I like. Another song I would like to read the lyrics to understand them more clearly.

Favorite line: Did any of me stick at all?

12. Afterlife

Well this is very different than the song by Arcade Fire with the same title; I don’t know why I’m surprised. Both have an upbeat sound, this one is a little simpler and better for dancing. It’s one of those “we are young let’s celebrate” songs which I love so much. I’m interested to see what will be the second single released, this one could be a fun one. I hope it at least gets a video.

Favorite line: Living like you’re dying isn’t living at all/Give me your cold hands/Put them on my heart

13. Over You (featuring A Great Big World)

Starts out sad and beautiful. I like the way the A Great Big World’s section is the same as the one Ingrid sings and then the vocals overlap. I think I like “Say Something” more though which is why I was originally so excited to hear this pairing.

14. Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now

Good ending track. Part lullaby, part wish. The lyrics say, “Maybe I can go away” but I don’t want her to or for this album to end. It’s lovely and there are some really great songs. Love the build up and then how it fades out right at the end. Beautiful.

Now that I’ve streamed the album in full I can’t wait to get my hands on the real thing.

Pop Culture Catch Up: California Version

So now that I am going to California there are a few things I need to do before I go. Sure, there’s packing and planning my route and avoiding saying goodbye to my friends and family, but most importantly I have to pop culturally prepare myself for life in the Sunshine State…wait that’s Florida. (Note to self: California is the Golden State.) Here are some famous movies, TV shows, and books set in California that I need to catch up on. Maybe once I actually move I can check some of the items on this list and compare them with my experiences. Also, keep in mind since I haven’t seen anything on this list yet, what I have learned about California so far comes from Kiss Kiss Bang BangMonk/Psych (both of which had episodes/entire seasons shot in Canada), and Brink!

None animated GIF


The O.C. (2003-2007)

Gossip Girl is to NY what The O.C. is to California. Young, rich, beautiful people and their drama filled love lives all with a backdrop of indie hits? Count me in. Plus, even without seeing an episode I know that I would fall in love with Seth Cohen. He married Blair Waldorf in real life, what could be cuter?

Entourage (2004-2011)

I have been wanting to watch Entourage for some time now because I know I would love it. It is a show  about friends trying to make it in the media industry AKA the reason I am moving to California…except for the fact that I have no acting ambitions. I love the idea of a show about making movies, trying to make it in the industry, and living in L.A. in general. Out of all the things on this list there is a high probability that I will start this before anything else.


The Maltese Falcon (1941)

I dislike the fact that I have not seen this film already, especially since it has all of my favorite things: the debonaire Humphrey Bogart, a femme fatale, and a film noir style. When I am not thinking of CA as a sunny paradise, I sometime imagine it as a fog filled, black-and-white city full of adventure, crime, and mystery. This film probably won’t help that idea.

Chinatown (1974) 

Sadly I know nothing about the water crisis that inspired this film. What I do know is that it stars Jack Nicholson, it won a ton of awards, and it features the famous and oft quoted final line, “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”  I’m really glad I don’t know much more than that because I really want to see this film for myself.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

When I think about the people who live in California I think of two things: surfer guys and valley girls. And since I’ve already seen Clueless and Legally Blonde, it is time for me to watch the film that stars one of the most famous surfer/slackers, Jeff Spicoli. I also hear it captures pretty well what it is like growing up in the 80′s…something I sadly was not alive to see. Good thing there are so many great films about the subject.

Endless Summer (1966)

After reading the Vanity Fair article about the now infamous Endless Summer  movie poster I became interested in seeing the film. I have no illusions that I will be any good at surfing, but I admire those who are and the skill and dedication that it takes despite the seemingly laid back lifestyle surfers seem to possess. Also, it is one of the most influential documentaries of all time.


The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Somehow I have a degree in English, but have never had to read this classic Depression era tale by Steinbeck. While he may not be one of my favorite writers, I feel like it is important novel to read. It is about about America in a certain time and place in history, but one that may not be as long ago and far away, or as different from our own, as we would like to believe.

The Mailroom: Hollywood History from the Bottom Up by David Rensin

This book could really be any story about the same subject, this is just the one that happened to be saved on my Goodreads page. I love reading anything about Hollywood, whether it is about the Golden Age or today. There is something thrilling learning the stories behind how films get made and the things people in the crew go through to be a part of them. Another title that could go here is The Prince, The Showgirl, and Me: Six Months on the Set with Marilyn and Olivier by Colin Clark, the book that the film My Week with Marilyn (2011) was based on. As well as countless others

This is only a VERY SMALL list of  CA pop culture I have to catch up on, my lists are always growing faster than my ability to watch/read things. Despite that fact, I’m always open to new suggestions!

A Little More Personal: California Here I Come!

I have been putting off writing this blog post for awhile now, maybe because I think that once it is out there it makes it real. And I for one cannot believe it’s really happening. If you read my blog (or if you don’t that’s okay too…I guess) you will remember that almost a month ago I posted about being torn over whether to stay in New York or move to California. If you haven’t guessed my decision based on the title already well…I’m MOVING TO CALIFORNIA. Right now I’m calling it a “work-cation”, half work and half vacation, since it’s not a permanent move. Yet.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Last month I had a one of those rare things called a job interview and afterwards I met with one of my PA friends. We both were complaining about what little luck we’ve been having finding work and about how much we just needed a change of scenery. And then we started talking about something crazy: what if we drove to CA, together, to find work? It would mean there would be someone to split driving and costs and just someone to share the experience with. We sat in a Starbucks for over three hours just talking about details, if we were certifiable, and what said trip would entail and by the end of the day we had decided: Plan California was a Go. Surprisingly my parents were all for the idea. Or I shouldn’t say surprisingly, I have the best, most supportive parents in the world and they just want me to be happy. Same thing with my friends. Every single person I’ve told so far has told me how happy they are for me, how brave I am, and how much they are going to miss me. Not a single one told me I was crazy, which is what I completely expected.  Maybe they just all didn’t say it to my face so if any of you are reading this, I thank you for that.

We are leaving this Sunday and driving across the country. We are stopping at Kansas where I get to visit my very dear friend who [thelma-and-louise.jpg]lives there and I will try to not make too many Wizard of Oz jokes (no promises). I also get to see Colorado and New Mexico and more friends in Arizona, and the thing I’m most looking forward to: THE GRAND CANYON where I will (again) try not to make too many Thelma and Louise or The Brady Bunch jokes (and again will probably break said promises). I have pretty much only seen the east coast of the US (and Washington state) so I am pretty excited about the drive and seeing all this beautiful country has to offer. Plus, I can check a whole bunch of states off my list which is great because one of my biggest goals in life is to see all 50 states before I turn 50. (I have 17 now.)

Once I get to LA…well I haven’t actually thought about that in much detail yet because if I’m being honest to everyone and myself, I’m completely terrified about what happens once I get there. I have to find a place to live and a source of income all while trying not get lost in a brand new city (impossible). Also, the last time I was this far away from my family and friends was when I went to college…and that wasn’t even three hours away. This time I’ll be three THOUSAND miles away from my family (besides a few family members who live in Washington). That’s more than slightly terrifying. But you know what? It’s also exciting. College was the best four years of my life even with that first year being one of the worst. Because at first I hated being away from home and everything I knew. Little did I know I would be have to practically be dragged away from my school three short years later. Little did I know I would make lifelong friends and a second place to call my home.

So maybe it’s time to find a third home. It’s time to make a change. Because no matter how scared I am, I will always be more scared to NOT know what could have been. So if I move to LA and it sucks? Okay, then I’ll just come back to NY. I have no job or significant other holding me back. There is no better time to make this life changing move. I know I will always regret it if I don’t try.  Plus, I am lucky to have someone crazy enough to take this journey with me!

Sadly all this exciting news means I will be cutting this 40 Days of Blogging project short. Being on the road means I won’t always have access to the internet/time to actually write things. Besides I really want to enjoy my road trip. Although my friend and I will be starting our own blog about our adventures! Once we have it up and running I will be sure to share the link. I do want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, read/liked my posts, and re-tweeted or shared what I’ve written. It means more than you know. Don’t cry just yet though! I will still try to blog as best I can this week before I leave (I do have to pack though and my packing skills or lack thereof are a post for another time). And don’t worry, I will still be blogging in general, I just don’t know about the frequency, especially at first. The rest as they say is, “to be continued”…

Oh and since I ended my last California related post with a song, I’ll do the same for this one:

I’m Not That Girl: ‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.16

So I know no one is actually going to read this since Game of Thrones season 4 premieres tonight, but I will write nonetheless because there is a lot to talk about in regards to our friends in Once Upon a Time land. This episode, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, was full of backstories, varying emotions, and confused/underused Henry. Let’s dive in.

The first post title card scene is of Neal’s funeral, which if you didn’t get from reading Michael Raymond James’ tweets, means he’s really, really gone. I would have liked to see some flashbacks or heard some sad music, but it was pretty upsetting as it was watching all of our favorite characters shovel dirt on his grave. The cut  to a tormented Rumpelstiltskin locked in his cell and unable to properly mourn his son was especially heartbreaking. Robert Carlyle wins one of my awards for tonight’s episode because even though he only had a few words to say in Storybrooke every emotion could be read on his face.  I’ll miss Neal, but at least we got more time with him then some of my other favorites (cough cough Graham and the Mad Hatter). Then Hook comes to Granny’s to whisk Henry away on a boating adventure. Now that Neal’s been buried for about 10 minutes he figures he better start practicing his new role as Henry’s father.

As soon as those two run off, Zelena walks in and challenges Regina to a wizard’s duel and drops the bomb that she’s Reg’s half sister. All in a days work for the town’s new big bad.  Oh and during that time Tink reappears in Storybrooke out of NOWHERE and starts talking to Regina about Robin because she’s really concerned her one time BFF isn’t getting any love. Seriously girl, there are bigger things to worry about right now. All I kept thinking during this entire episode is, “Thank goodness Zelena doesn’t know about Henry or we’d be in some serious trouble.” So Henry’s memory loss may be a good thing in this one case.

Besides the fact that his memory loss saves him from being used against his adopted mommy by a Wicked Witch, it also means Henry gets to spend some time with everyone’s favorite pirate. Hook basically tells Henry nothing about Neal except that he too lost his father at a young age, but that seems to be enough for the kid. Poor Jared S. Gilmore hasn’t had much to do this season besides look wise as he says he knows his mother is trying to protect him and look confused at everything else everyone says. I hope Henry’s memory comes back soon or they find a way to send him back to NY for boarding school or something because his character is starting to get annoying. Which is sad because he used to be one of my favorite kids on television.

Zelena: "Out of my way, munchkin."

This episode really belongs to Zelena as we learn about her past and the reason for her verdigris. Z was abandoned by Cora at birth because Cora knew she wouldn’t become queen. How Cora knew a newborn baby wouldn’t amount to anything is beyond me, but that is what happened. Z is royally pissed at being abandoned by her mother, especially once she learns her sister is a less powerful version of herself.  She gets all this info about her past from the Wizard of Oz because of course we all knew that was coming. Oh and that green skin? It’s a physical representation of Zelena’s all consuming greed over her sister who got everything she ever wanted without even knowing what she had. Rebecca Mader gets my other award of the night because she is doing a  really great job playing both sad, abandoned Zelena and the pure wicked Witch. I am really starting to hate her character which means she’s doing her job.Especially the way she treats Rumple. There is nothing worse than seeing the Dark One basically being toted around on a leash.

This show continues its VERY SUBTLE use of symbolism with Regina’s heart. See Regina goes to the big brawl in the town square sans heart-smart move because apparently Z needs her heart for some kind of new curse. She also already has Charming’s courage. If she only had a brain…my guess is she already stole Snow White’s. (Her line of the night? “I don’t think a sleeping curse would be good for the baby.” GET IT TOGETHER GIRL.) The best part of all this heart related symbolism is WHERE REGINA’S HEART IS HIDING. She left it with a certain suave thief, the only one who also knows the truth about the mysterious letter that led Regina to believe Zelena is her sister. Hint: it’s Robin Hood. GUYS SHE PHYSICALLY GAVE HIM HER HEART. Then Robin asks if she’s afraid he’ll steal it and she says, “You can’t steal something that’s been given to you” and I had a good little squee at that moment.

I have really enjoyed not only these last few episodes, but most of this season of OUAT. The show is as strong as its ever been and the Wicked Witch has been a welcome addition to the cast. The only thing I’m worried about is this idea of a new curse and Zelena’s desire to go back in time to change things. This show is messy enough as it is, I can’t image what time travel might do. I can’t wait for next week not only because Mad Men is coming back, but also because of the Hook-centric episode teased. More Colin O’Donoghue? Yes please.

Final Words:

  • Damn Walsh was the Wizard of Oz?? Point for you, OUAT
  • I really wanted Regina to come to the duel in one of her Enchanted Forest costumes
  • Can I just say that Belle and Rumple’s love story is one of the best on the show? Sure there are plenty of other couples, but they have been through so much and still manage to have faith and fight for each other and that’s something worth noting
  • Also, I’ve never said it before, but Carlyle’s Dark One make-up is stellar

Favorite Lines: 

  • Regina: I think I’d remember if my mother told me she had a love child with a scarecrow.
  • Zelena: You’re insane! Rumple: Besides the point.

Strangways, Here We Come: My ‘First’ James Bond Experience

Before tonight I am ashamed to say that I had never seen a James Bond film starring anyone other than Daniel Craig. And no matter how great I think Skyfall (2012) is, I wanted to go back and see the man who started it all: Sean Connery. Dr. No (1962) was my first foray into official, old school Bond territory and it did not disappoint in the least. I finally got to see all of those iconic scene that make the series, plus some pretty terrible fight scenes AND some really awkward car chases where no one was actually driving a car. Man, aren’t the 60′s great?

James Bond is a piece of film history and it is easy to see why.  Dr. No is pure fun. It features beautiful people, an exotic location, and a bad guy with a super cool lair featuring an underground fish tank and really big air ducts. It is incredible to watch the first ever Bond film and see how many elements that started way back when have endured to this day. Sure the technology has gotten just a tad bit better and the fight scenes last wayyy longer (like that Casino Royale opening…jeez), but so much remains the same. Dr. No isn’t a perfect film in any regard, but it is an important film and for that I will overlook some of its flaws. Sure the story might lag in some parts and I wasn’t sure what the actual plan was with the whole space shuttle thing, but none of that mattered in the end. It was all about that white bikini, that shaken martini, and that truly iconic theme music. Hearing the music alone is one thing, but seeing that man at the poker table, lighting his cigarette without a care in the world while the music cues up in the background…well that’s a different experience altogether.

Sean Connery IS Bond. Sure, I’ve only seen one other portrayal of the role, but I know enough to know that I really like what he started. He’s the man who helped make film history. Not liking Sean Connery as James Bond would be like not liking William Hartnell
as the First Doctor. There would be nothing if it wasn’t for them paving the way. Connery is classic cool, the kind that is rarely made any more. He knows how to wear a tux, he knows how to drink, and he knows how to get a woman’s attention. He is charismatic, smooth, and elegant. Craig on the otherhand is a Bond for the modern age. He’s a little rougher around the edges. He’s not your typical idea of handsome, but he isn’t bad to look at either. He’s cool and cunning and a bit more aloof. Both men mirror society’s ideal of manliness for the time periods in which the films were made. The stories represent the different time periods as well. 1960′s Bond has to deal with issues of radioactivity (including a pretty funny scene where they shower to remove radiation purly designed just to get the hot cast naked) and US  space missions, while Casino Royale (2006) deals with international terrorism and banking. Times may change, but one thing stays the same, Bond is always the epitome of cool and representative of what a spy film should look and feel like.

I can’t wait to continue my journey and see more Bond films. My goal is to watch them in order to see how the series progresses and changes over the years. With the exception of Bond 24. That film I’ll see the weekend it opens. Especially if Chiwetel Ejiofor is the villain.

Final Words

  • Someone just really wanted their initials to spell SPECTRE. Hmm…reminds me of another similarly named organization
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