Why I’m Excited About a ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Movie (aka It’s Just More Harry Potter)

With the news heard today ’round the world (and twitterverse) that J.K. Rowling was going to write her first screnplay based on the book within the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Harry Potter fans, myself included, let out a squeal of excitement and danced around the house (or maybe that was just me). If the news had come from any other source but the Queen herself I would have balked at the idea. Expand the Harry Potter universe outside of Hogwarts? But what about the Marauders? What about Rose and Hugo and Teddy and Albus Severus and James Sirius and Lily Luna? Surprisingly I didn’t think of those things until afterwards because I was too excited by the news.

I would love a Marauders movie as much as the next Potterhead seeing as Sirius is my favorite character, but I am excited for this new film because we get to see the wizarding world outside of the walls of Hogwarts. The Star Wars fan not only have six movies (the issue here is not how good some of those movies actually are), but numerous book series that expand the universe and characters. That is what I want. The best part about what we Potter fans get is that this film is being written by Rowling herself. And I am sure she is going to have same amount of participation if not more that she has always had over the creation of the world itself. It’s just more Harry Potter. What more could we ask for?

Katey Rich wrote an article for CinemaBlend that asks if a Fantastic Beasts movie is really such a good idea.

“Fantastic Beasts seems to roll two problems into one– digging into details that are irrelevant to characters we already know, and presenting it on film, where Rowling’s distinctive voice and talented details will by necessity be less visible.”

I for one would like to know more about any and everything in the wizarding world. In the books and films we have already we have only seen a small piece. The fact alone that the film is going to take place in New York (or at least begin there) sets off a number of questions. Why is he in New York? What is New York like for wizards? If Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone was set in 1990’s and the film will take place “seventy years before Harry’s [journey] gets underway” then that is around the 1920’s. I for one am very interested to see what life was like for wizards back then, especially during such a changing time.

The second part of Ms. Rich’s quote is a bit more worrying in my opinion. While I love films, I would have much rather seen a new book from Rowling.  I have no doubt in her abilities, but writing a screenplay is much different than writing a novel.  I hope she is saving her next book for all the good stuff like the previous generations of Hogwarts. Or Hogwarts: The Next Generation. Because let’s face it,  I am not sure how excited I would be to read “The Adventures of Newt Scamander .”

All and all I’m excited. If J.K. thinks there is enough information about Newt Scamander that the fans need to know about, then I am all for it. In Rowling we trust.


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