Playing Catch-Up: ‘Once Upon A Time’ 1.1

So recently I have become obsessed with ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I think it was due to a mixture of seeing the commercials frequently, being home alone when the pilot aired, and needing something light because all the shows I’ve been watching are great, but depressing. So Once Wonderland is just what I needed and it’s on right before Grey’s Anatomy (yes I still watch that) and today I thought to myself, “I wonder if I would get more out of the show (haha) if I watched the original Once Upon a Time (OUAT).” I like the spin-off so why not see where everything starts and see if I missed anything and just have more fun with fairy-tales because honestly that should be an alternative name for this show. I can’t even tell you how excited I am by all of the characters, especially the fact that Jafar is the main baddie (in Once Wonderland) because he’s one of my favorites and I’m still mad he never got a villain song.

Anyway, tonight I started OUAT and I really enjoyed it because it had everything the spin-off has, plus a bit more. First of all, I only had the vaguest idea of the “real world” of the show since in Once Wonderland we only see…Wonderland. I liked getting the background story of this Storybrooke and the book of fairy-tales that I’m sure I am going to learn much more about. Another thing I like about both shows is that they jump into the story and the characters right away. I can already tell I am going to like Emma (Jennifer Morrison) just from the earliest scenes from her chasing down a baddie in high heels like it’s nothing. And then I like how later we get to see her take her shoes off in pain because she’s a real person. That was cool.

Also, let’s talk Henry. I usually don’t like kids in things because usually they don’t serve much of a point. (Exception: I have grown fond of Sally Draper.) But this kid, right away I liked him because he is just the right amount of cute and precocious and not annoying. Also, you can totally tell his  adopted mother is a baddie because of all the apples lying around her house. Duh.

And then there’s the sheriff…I think he doesn’t even get a full name in the pilot. Damn.

My first thought: HOT.

My second thought: Oh yeah, that’s the guy playing Christian in the 50 Shades of Grey movie and now I’m not happy. But I’m going to try to forget about that while I watch him back before the whole world realized how hot he was.

All in all I think I’m going to enjoy both my adventures in Wonderland and  Storybrooke (and beyond). Because while alcoholics who cheat on their wives makes for incredible television, sometimes it’s nice to giggle over the fact that the person delivering Snow White’s baby is the dwarf…Doc.

Final Words

  • Favorite line (because of delivery)- Henry: I’m not Pinocchio! Emma: Because *that* would be ridiculous.
  • Is the fairy that briefly appeared when the characters were having a meeting the same one that had a thing with/dropped Knave Will into the water?
  • I’m Team Knave, but willing to give Cyrus a fair chance.
  • Oh and in case you care/don’t follow me on twitter (how did you get here then)/are wondering (you’re probably not), yes I am still watching Mad Men I am currently on season 4 and Peggy is still my favorite character

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