Track by Track: Reflektor

I am pretty sure I fell in love with/discovered Arcade Fire in the trailer to Spike Jonez’s Where the Wild Things Are (2009), which still remains one of my all time favorite trailers. At first I found them hard to understand, but after repeated listening and lyric looking up they became one of my favorite current day bands.  I love their interesting sound, their use of French, and complex lyrics. And after listening to Babel by Mumford & Sons on repeat for the last year I am happy to have something new to analyze, listen to, and plain old enjoy.

So here is my first listen and track by track review of Arcade Fire’s new album Reflektor. Granted, all these opinions will probably change seeing as upon every listen to an Arcade Fire album I find something new to appreciate and love.


Disc 1

1. Reflektor

This is the only song I’ve listened to already because it the album’s single. I am interested now to listen to it in the larger context of the album.  Like the groovy sound and how it speaks to our modern age of interaction (or lack thereof).

Favorite line: We fell in love/Alone on a stage (because that’s how they actually met…so cute)

2. We Exist

Like the sound, but don’t think it’s very memorable over all.  Sounds like old Arcade Fire and could easily see this fitting into Funeral or even Neon Bible. 

3. Flashbulb Eyes

Really like the concept and lyrics of this song. I like that it’s on the shorter side because it switches things up a bit.

4. Here Comes the Night Time

At first I thought: Wait is this a spotify ad? (No) Love the opening and the piano mid way through which totally changes up the sound. It has an almost calypso vibe which I really like. It feels new and fun. Like how it builds as the song goes on.

Favorite lines: They say heaven’s a place/Yeah, heaven’s a place and they know where it is/But you know where it is?/It’s behind the gate, they won’t let you in/And when they hear the beat, coming from the street/They lock the door/But if there’s no music up in heaven, then what’s it for?

5. Normal Person

Love the opening. This song seems fitting for a large arena setting like Arcade Fire has been playing lately. It’s easy to sing along to already and loud and rocking. I dig it.

6. You Already Know

First thought: Are they saying “Oh Reginald” or “Original”…then wanted to smack myself on the head because they’re saying “You already know”…THE NAME OF THE SONG. Anyway…really like the sound of this one too and the lyrics as well. We know the cause of our problems, but sometimes we just don’t want to (or can’t face them). I also thought it was cute how the song ended and began with an introduction.

7. Joan of Arc

Love the display of Win and Régine’s voices in this song and how they play off each other so well; it’s one of the things that makes Arcade Fire so great. I love how so many of their songs manage to tell stories.

Favorite line: If you shoot/You better hit your mark

Disc 2

1. Here Comes the Night Time II

Love it. It fits my mood perfectly. It is sad and at the same time reminds me of a prayer.

2. Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)

Get out of my head Win Butler. This song is almost hopeful.  I like how it builds and how it goes back to referencing living and loving “in the reflective age” which is the album’s central theme.

Favorite lines: But when I say I love you/Your silence covers me/Oh, Eurydice, It’s an awful sound/I was so disappointed/You didn’t want me

3. It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)

I love the “Hey Orpheus” call, it makes the song seem almost happy. You could almost dance to this song. I like how Régine gets to sing this one and how it really tells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. I like the feeling of cohesion and narrative this second disc has.

4. Porno

I think this is my favorite song, mostly because it’s sad and the lyrics ring true. I love the honesty and the pain-but it’s a different pain than the one featured in Funeral. Funeral was about death and loss of innocence. This seems more like loss of oneself and loss of love.

Favorite lines: I thought I knew you/You thought you knew me/But now that you do/It’s not so easy now/That I know.

5. Afterlife

All these songs make me wonder what was going on in Reg and Win’s relationship when these songs were being written.  Love the haunting sound and overall idea. This may actually be tied for favorite song or at least a very, very close second. Don’t know why but it reminded me of Half Light.

Favorite line: When love is gone/Where does it go?

6. Supersymmetry

This sounds different, but pretty. Really good way to end the album, I like how it goes instrumental at the end and then suddenly stops. It makes the silence afterwards that much more felt.

Favorite line: Reading books/Stronger than memories

*Goes and presses play again*


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