Holy Asgard Batman!

I have a confession to make: I have never seen the end of the first Thor film. Both times I watched it I fell asleep at almost the same part and woke up to Thor and Loki fighting and someone smashing the rainbow bridge. I honestly can’t tell you what happened after that or what the Easter Egg was during the credits. That being said, I liked Thor and I really liked the sequel, Thor: The Dark World (or Thor 2 as it will be referred to here on out). 

The main thing I liked about Thor 2 is the immense sense of satisfaction I got after leaving the theater. Maybe it’s because I just recently re-watched Iron Man 3, but all I remember is walking out of that movie and being highly disappointed. Iron Man is the go to when talking origin stories, but I felt so let down with the big finale, so empty, a lot of flash and not a lot of substance. But the thing is, Thor never promised us substance. From the very beginning it has been a story about a god-which alone makes it hard to ahem…bring down to earth (I’ll go now). These films don’t take themselves seriously, but instead rely on humor to break up the massive action scenes.

Speaking of massive, let’s talk about Chris Hemsworth. He is undoubtedly gorgeous, but  he can also act. His presence can be felt on screen; he plays his role straight with just the right amount of side wink-he knows this all may be ridiculous, but if he believes than maybe we can too. Despite his godly character, he makes Thor someone we can feel for, if not relate to. Also, his relationship with his hammer, mjolnir, might be one of the best tool/hero combos since the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver (and that’s saying something).

Of course no review can occur with the mention of Tom Hiddleston. While I am not a Loki fangirl I do appreciate his character and the quality he brings to the film. He plays Loki with so many different angles and emotions; you can see the wheels turning as Loki tries (and succeeds) at manipulating every event to his advantage. I for one am just really excited to see Hiddles do a Shakespearean film (Coriolanus in 2014) because he needs to be able to let loose and give the grand soliloquy that I know he has in him. He’s already proven he can do great villain speech, but I want more.

The only person that disappoints is Natalie Portman and that’s because she’s Natalie Portman. Most of the time she acts confused about being in the film and Thor 2 she spends a lot of time in the air with her arms spread out and red glowy stuff coming in/out of her or fainting/shocking people. I am also really confused as to why she and Jaimie Alexander/Sif had to be in (I guess?) competition over Thor for apparently no reason. Why couldn’t Sif just be Thor’s awesome girl pal who had a thing for his dark twisty brother Loki? Or why couldn’t she be a female character with no love interest at all? Just a thought. 

The main problem I have with Thor 2 is the villain plot. For being the main baddie I felt like Chris Eccleston was hardly in the film and we got little of his motives except he wanted to bring the universe back to darkness for some reason.This is mainly where Thor 2 looses me and where it lost me in the first one. I never really understand the “science” behind Thor in general; honestly I’m still confused about what the tesseract and bifrost are and why Idris Elba isn’t better at preventing bad guys from getting into Asgard. Those things aside it didn’t take away from my enjoying Thor beating Malekith as they popped in and out of the connecting the Nine Realms. I usually dislike long drawn out, end of movie fight scenes (I’m looking at you Man of Steel), but I had no problem with this one.

While not the best Marvel movie out there, Thor 2 certainly isn’t the worst. It’s fun and entertaining with some laugh out loud moments which is all you can ask for in superhero film really.


Needs Milk

Final Words

The Good (plus questions and references):

  • What scenes did Joss re-tool? Did it have anything to do with the best crossover cameo we have yet to see? I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.
  • Chris O’Dowd is adorable and really good at playing himself in movies.
  • Those things the bad guys flew into Asgard/Thor flew out totally looked liked tricked out cylon raiders
  • Doctor Who reference: There were certain moments with Malekith which made me I remember why I loved Nine so much. Chris might have been under a lot of make-up/CGI, but you could still see the anger in his eyes reminding me of,  “He’s like fire and ice and rage.” (…not about Nine, but totally applicable)
  • There was a scene when a raven landed on Odin and all I could think of was:

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