‘The Day of The Doctor’ is Coming and I Will Not Be Calm

I cannot be calm. In only 9 days the most hyped event since  the creation of Kimye is coming: The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor.” And despite the misgivings I have about Stephen Moffat and what he’s done to the show (that’s another post for another time) and how I am angry at him for not including the previous living Doctors in the special, I am still ridiculously excited.

And Christmas just keeps coming earlier and earlier for us Whovians because today the BBC released an almost 7 minute episode entitle “The Night of the Doctor” which explains what happens to Paul McGann’s Eight Doctor. Watch it below.

I can’t post something-especially a Doctor Who related something- and not comment on it because while watching I almost died and went to fangirl heaven.

I honestly don’t remember what happens with Eight in the Doctor Who movie except for the fact that he’s in America and has a companion who is a medical doctor. BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER.

“The Night of the Doctor” shows the (Eighth) Doctor doing what he does best-trying to save people. In this case it’s a woman named Cass who 1. Knows what a TARDIS is and 2. Is not happy about the Doctor being a Time Lord. These are both interesting points because a bit later we find out this mini episode takes place during the Time War, something we have heard a lot about but have not seen until now. Apparently the Time Lords are as unliked as the Daleks at this point because everyone just wants this war to end. (“You haven’t finished yet, some of the universe is still standing” Cass tells Eight.)

In such a short amount of time we are getting such major things. The Doctor objected to the Time War! The Doctor is the only one who can end the Time War! The Doctor can still manage to be funny no matter what the situation! (“Four minutes? That’s ages! What if I get bored and need a television, couple of books, anyone for chess, bring me my knitting.”) The Doctor can choose his next regeneration! And when he does, he chooses to become a warrior- The War Doctor. (Oh and he can choose to be a girl too…hmm interesting you brought that up Moffs…)

So Ollivander John Hurt is the Doctor of the Time War, the one who ended it all and the one who regenerated into Nine (which if Moffat loves us he would show…or at least have Nine pop in for a second). I mean seeing Hurt appear at the end of “The Name of the Doctor” made speculation of such fly around and so I don’t think anyone is surprised by this episode. I for one am more surprised that we actually got to see it at all.

Now I know little to nothing about Doctor Who pre 2005 reboot, but that’s what the internet is for. I like that these episodes and the previews of the special itself has enough for relatively new Whovians like me and old timers who were actually around to watch the Fourth Doctor and know about “The Brain of Morbius” to enjoy.  (For more on that and other things I don’t know about read: “9 amazing surprises to be found in The Night of the Doctor mini episode.”)

So until November 23rd I will obsessively re-watch this mini episode and the trailer and think about what a wonderful time it is to be a Whovian.


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