Can ‘Gravity’ Live Up to the Hype?

I’ve finally saw Gravity this weekend after it’s been in theaters for over a month now. The problem with seeing a film so late and especially a film so good is that everyone has seen it and everyone is talking about just how good it is which means when you see it weeks and weeks later you have very high expectations. And I’ve found it hard separating my feelings and the hype that’s surrounded Gravity.

Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great film. It just wasn’t AS great as I was expecting and honestly if you asked me I couldn’t tell you what i even expected.

I can tell you I saw Gravity in 3D and was completely blown away by the visuals, especially in the beginning. It almost made me want to visit space, but then you know the rest of the film happens and that feeling quickly changes. The use of 3D was the best since James Cameron’sAvatar because let’s be real while that movie is basically Pocahontas on steroids, it is one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen. Similarly I don’t think seeing Gravity anywhere but in theaters will do it justice. I feel bad for those lowlifes who illegally download new movies and squinted at Sandy floating on their tiny computer screens.

Speaking of Sandra Bullock, her performance was a thing of beauty. At first her character was annoying and a pretty bad astronaut, but she did grow on me after we got that very purposeful moment of Character Development (you know the one). Also, George Clooney once again does a stellar job of playing a slightly cooler version of himself. I think I was so impressed by the level of performance because I was also wondering the whole time, “How’d they do that??” If Sandy was just spinning around on a green screen like I’m pretty sure she was and she could still portray such terror at being completely adrift in space then brava. The opening scenes with the debris hitting and her detaching were incredible and I felt a high level of anxiety myself. I love Alfonso Cuaron’s decision to show most of that scene through her perspective which was not only unsettling but beautiful. Well done.

You’re probably reading this thinking, “She hasn’t even mentioned anything she didn’t like yet.” Yes I cried and was awed and held my breath during the appropriate moments, but there was something missing. It’s not a specific something, more of a feeling. Sometimes I just felt my mind wandering. Sometimes I just wanted more. I know, I know, I’m a hard girl to please.

The main problem I had was with the ending. I know they’re all stupid questions and Not the Point of The Film, but (*obviously spoilers*) where did she land? Will anyone help her/know who she is? (She clearly has no passport or documentation of any kind.) Will some people be mad at her for not saving the well liked and handsome George Clooney? Inquiring minds want to know.
Overall, there’s nothing wrong with Gravity. In fact it’s an extremely beautiful and totally watchable film. However, I left the theater feeling a little let down because everyone else liked it SO MUCH and I just didn’t feel the same way. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride any less though.


Needs Milk

Final Words

  • I would’ve ended the film with Dr. Stone seeing a person from behind and calling for help. The person turns around and…it’s not a person at all but an alien! Dun fun dun! Gravity 2 picks up from there.
  • I just kept thinking what a great Doctor Who episode this would make or what fun Dr. Stone would be as companion. Like Bones on Star Trek she hates space but it’s a part of her job and she’s best friends with someone who thrives there. (Are you taking notes, Moffat?)

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