The Post Where I Try and Blog Coherently About the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special But End Up Just Fangirling A Lot

It’s amazing to me to think that Doctor Who has only been in my life for two years. I didn’t think it was possible to get this obsessed about something in that short amount of time and yet here I am crying in a Panera (because I have no wifi at home) after finishing the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.” Honestly I love it and I knew I would despite the problems I have with Moffat because it’s Doctor Who and it’s Eleven and Ten together and Billie and how could anything be bad about all of that??

I’m going to fangirl  talk about right now so obviously:

I loved almost everything about the 50th; it was honestly as close to perfect as I could’ve asked for. The story was fantastic and I loved how it jumped all around in the beginning before the Doctors all met and how things came back around to all fit in together nicely. The reveal of each Doctor was perfect and fitting to each of their individual and very distinct characters. I love how all the doctors can be so different, but at the same time you can really feel that they did come from one another despite that fact. I like how it was John Hurt’s character who sought out the other Doctors to see what had become of himself, I’m surprised none of the other Doctors thought to do that before. It seemed a bit too easy for them to all just come together, but for the sake of the 50th I’ll leave that alone.

JOHN. HURT. What can I say about this man? I find him oddly attractive in his Doctor’s costume that is for sure. For me he stole

the show, especially when on screen with David Tennant (my love) and Matt Smith, which is no easy feat. (“Am I having a midlife crisis?”-CLASSIC.)  The scene where all 3 Doctors meet for the first time had me hysterical with Hurt chastising the other two for their use of their sonics.

You could just really tell how his experiences changed him and how surprised he was to see at the men he had become aka “The Man Who Regrets” (Ten) and “The Man Who Forgets” (Eleven). Which is the first time I really stopped and thought about Eleven/Matt. I have always had an iffy relationship with Eleven because I’m still not over Tennant and I find Matt way too goofy most of the time. (I also didn’t have time to love him properly because he was bogged down by annoying Moffat story lines.) This was the first time I really realized that all his goofiness and bravado are really a cover-up, a way for him to hid his true emotions. The 50th was also the first moment I thought about losing Matt and I actually got really sad.

The 50th was also the first time I really didn’t hate Clara because she wasn’t too annoying. It’s practically a rule to hate the new companion and Doctor, so I guess I have to give her some more time. I was glad she wasn’t overpowering.

BUT FORGET CLARA LET’S TALK ABOUT ROSE. (ALL CAPS=EXCITEMENT). Rose is my most favorite companion of all time and Billie Piper is one of my favorite humans so having her back was the best thing I could ask for. I went through many emotions seeing her, the first being “OMG SHE’S THE CONSCIENCE WHAT GENIUS” and then going to “WAIT TEN CAN’T SEE HER WHAT’S EVEN THE POINT??” The most important thing is that Moffat included her because fans love her and I really appreciate that. And she had her ending. The Rose in the 50th wasn’t Rose Rose, she’s off with Ten Two hopefully doing things with him that the Doctor and her could never do so I made peace with the fact that she and Ten had no actual interaction in the special and the best thing we got out of her being there was this face:

at the mention of the words “Bad Wolf.” Squeeeeeeeee (Forever my OTP.)

I’m torn about the whole The Doctor Didn’t Actually Kill Everybody In The Time War thing. The idea of the Time War is a New Who thing, something that did not define One through Eight. However, it plays a BIG part in Nine through Eleven. I guess since John Hurt (conveniently) won’t remember that he didn’t kill everybody that could explain some things, but the new Doctors have been defined by being the last of their kind. What happens when the painting wakes up? From what we’ve seen of the Time Lords through the series they honestly seem like jerks in really bad costumes. I like the Doctor being the last of his kind and not having to deal with all that drama of his planet although I did predict the end line when he said he was “going home.” Which is a nice thought. But I feel like if Gallifrey does exist these Time Lords are not going to be happy with the Doctor running around and messing with Time (and space) and they’re going to try and rein him in (but if it’s Capaldi then good luck with that). I just feel like Moffs is taking freedom again to just change everything and scrap the rules that existed before, but what else is new. I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

The almost ending of the episode was where I Totally Lost It In A Public Place aka bursting out into tears at:

because it was alllll the Doctors and how they all helped defeat the daleks,


when that (^) happened I whispered a silent prayer to our one true savior Steven Moffat (see the conflicting relationship I have with this man?) because that was a stroke of genius. As much as Matt is growing on me I can’t wait to see Capaldi.

This 50 Anniversary was just incredible and I am so happy to be a part of it and this incredibly large and ever growing fandom. Time to get pumped for the Christmas special! (And to break out the tissues once more to say goodbye to Matt.)


No Milk Needed

Final Words

  • I really really felt the void of Nine. I think he would have fit in so well and the banter would have been even more incredible than it already was. I also would’ve liked to see him because he’s Hurt regeneration…or is he? I feel like Moffs has more surprises up his sleeve.
  • I guess different Doctors can mean different wives but I was not happy with Ten marrying Queen Elizabeth


  • Now that Hurt is officially a Doctor, does that mean he’s Nine? Because I can never re-order them in my head, I just can’t. Tennant will always be Ten and Eccles will always be Nine and that’s just how it is.
  • Why is The Doctor so different from all the other Time Lords? Why are they all afraid of him?

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