2014 Reviews


Maddaddam Trilogy

Books Do It Better:

The Fault in Our Stars & A Long Way Down (trailers)

Gone Girl (trailer)


Beside Still Waters



Dr. No

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Fight Club

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Guardians of the Galaxy



Jackie Brown

Safety Not Guaranteed 


12 Meaningful Albums

Arcade Fire Reflektor Tour

“Lights Out”-Ingrid Michaelson 

“Ultraviolence”-Lana Del Rey


Dancing With the Stars

Gilmore Girls

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

Psych Series Finale

Once Upon a Time:

Season 2 Midway Point

Season 2 Finale

First Half of Season 3

Season 3 Episode 12

Season 3 Episode 13

Season 3 Episode 14

Season 3 Episode 15

Season 3 Episode 16

Season 3 Episode 17 & 18

Season 3 Episode 19

Season 3 Episodes 20-22


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