Playing Catch-Up: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Midway Point

After taking a brief hiatus from watching OUAT to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Sherlock, I am back and midway through the second season. The second season has brought with it a slew of new characters, more interesting back stories, and some annoying things I didn’t care for including Emma and Snow/Mary Margaret’s adventures in fairy tale land, the whole beanstalk episode, and the whole Dr. Whale being Frankenstein thing.

The first very important question I have for OUAT is WHY DO ALL THE HOT CHARACTERS DIE? What is this Game of Thrones?? I’m still not over Jamie Dornan’s Sheriff Graham being killed off midway through season 1 and now we meet cutie Prince Philip (Julian Morris) and he doesn’t even make it through the first episode before he dies. We meet him with Aurora (whose purpose I have yet to figure out) and Mulan. I’m honestly hoping that Mulan secretly has a thing for Aurora and not Philip because I really like the idea of her and Philip just being super awesome fighting partners and best bros and not that she is actually just in love with him. Also, thank goodness that Sarah Bolger is so cute because otherwise Aurora’s character would be even more annoying and useless then she already is. With so many characters in this show already I was worried about the introduction of these three (which quickly turned into two), but having Emma and Snow/Mary Margaret end up in Enchanted Forest helped slightly. Even if I found that whole story line rather annoying since a majority of the season was spent with parties on both sides just complaining about how much they missed each other/want to get home.

Besides Aurora and Mulan the new characters I do like are Captain Hook and Cora. And with good reason. The episode where we are introduced to Hook, “The Crocodile”, was one of my favorites of the season so far. The more I learn about Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold’s past the more I come to like him and all his complexities. Sure he ripped the heart out of his wife (literally), but she did it to him first (figuratively). Gold needs an enemy who can really fight him and since he and Regina are always dancing around the “are we or aren’t we friends” routine and Hook seems like just the right person for the job. Also, Colin O’Donoghue ups the swoon factor in a show where I didn’t believe it was possible to do so. His sexual chemistry with Emma is also off the charts and “The Queen of Hearts” episode had some of my favorite dialogue including this gem:

Can I also just say he has one of the best smolders on television?

Hook has become a welcome addition to this season alongside Regina’s mother, Cora. Let me just say that man there are some serious Mommy/Daddy issues going on in this show with everyone trying to prove themselves/not turn evil like their parents/trying not to get killed by their parents. Cora is pure evil in a way that makes you feel even worse for Regina than you already have. Her character is one of the more complex ones in Storybrooke and one I like learning more and more about. And what’s with Cora and Rumple’s awkward kiss aka “Let’s seal it like we use to.” Looks like there’s more to that story then meets the eye.

In the same parent problems in Storybrooke vein, I’m still having trouble with the whole Snow-and-Charming-are-Emma’s-parents thing. Snow went from being the cool, quirky friend to being the overbearing mother in a few episodes and I find her dynamic with Emma strange. I get that she and Charming are trying to make up for lost time by being parents and Emma can always use some people in her corner, but by bossing her around and patronizingly explaining how fairy tale things work isn’t going to cut it. Also, Charming seems to care more about being named grandpa of the year than caring about what his new found daughter is off to.

And lastly, speaking of Emma, I really like that we got a glimpse of her past in “Tallahassee.” Back in the day apparently she wore glasses that looked like they belong in the 1950’s and pretended to be pregnant to steal food…before actually getting pregnant. (Karma much?) Since I read other recaps I now know that the man in the opening of season 2 is the same actor who plays Neal Cassidy, Emma’s beau who was scared away by August/Pinocchio. So does this mean that August sent Neal the postcard telling him that Emma had broken the curse? August is one of the more interesting characters and one of the men of OUAT I like best for Emma so we will see what happens if when Neal comes back. Also, Emma told Henry his father was a hero and dead so that could make for an interesting episode.

So far for the rest of the season it seems we have: a mysterious stranger who lied about seeing magic, a forgetful Belle who was not cured by true love’s kiss (sad), and an upcoming road trip featuring the high-jinks of Emma and Rumple on the search for Rumple’s son. OUAT always manages to keep me guessing so I am interested in seeing where things go.

Final Words

  • Why does no one seem to care where August is? (Hint: Because I do)
  • Am I forgetting something or is there a reason we haven’t heard from Sidney Glass as well?
  • I knew what was going to happen to Belle and yet it didn’t make it any less painful. Poor Rumple, guy can’t catch a break

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