40 Days of Blogging

In case you didn’t know, today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Lent lasts for 40 days and usually during this time Christians will give up something (candy, meat, I had friends who gave up Facebook) during those days leading up to Easter. Now if you’re wondering why I’m giving you a religion class, just bear with me. (Believe me I had to google all of this just to make sure I was getting it right.) I give up something for Lent every year mostly just as a personal test of willpower, for some reason it is always the only time of year where abstaining from something actually works for me. Don’t ask why. However, this year I have decided to use the days leading up to Easter not just to give something up, but also to commit myself to something.

I am going to blog for 40 days.

Now some people might find this an easy task, but if you read my blog with any frequency you know that I am a sporadic blogger at best. I usually only write a post when I watch a new movie in theaters, which isn’t very often, or certain shows, but they’re always shows people are already caught up on. The thing is I usually don’t write because I think I don’t have things to say or that the things I do have to say aren’t current enough.

My goal is with these “40 days of blogging” is to force myself to write. To not over think things and just share what I have to say regardless of how “current” (or not) the posts are. I like writing and I want to make blogging more of a habit and a permanent part of my life. Plus everyone always says the best way to get better at writing is just to write.

The rules:

  • Each post will be up before 12 am (so 11:59 pm basically)
  • No length requirement, but I’ll try to post more than a sentence
  • I will try to keep mostly to the theme of the blog aka pop culture
  • If I know there is something that will prevent me from writing the one day I will write the blog post the day before and schedule it (I will try not to do this too often)
  • I will not get mad at myself if/when I miss a day

Any suggestions of things you want to see me write about over the next 40 days? Any advice? Anyone want to join in? I would love the company, just let me know so I can read your posts too!


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