Something Wicked This Way Comes: ‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.12

So tonight was the first episode of the second half of Once Upon a Time season 3 and also the first episode I’ve watched live. Well mostly live because I had to keep pausing it to explain to my mom what was going on. Trying to explain a show like OUAT is extremely confusing and complicated- especially when it comes to who’s related and who’s a fairy tale character and who is not.

In the real world we get to see the life Emma and Henry have established in New York. They have a swank (and probably very expensive) apartment, Henry likes to play Diablo (and more importantly actually goes to school!), and Emma is dating Auggie  Walsh. I found it  nice to imagine Emma and Henry living in this very average world as very average and happy people, but we all knew that wouldn’t last for long. Cue Hook. I guess it would be creepy if a devilishly handsome guy came up to you in a restaurant and tried to get you to believe in magic and then later tried to convince you to drink a vial from his pocket, but I feel like I would be a bit more enthusiastic than Emma. But then that’s just me. Seeing Auggie/Walsh early in the episode I thought, “Finally a normal character,” but then I quickly remember what show I was watching and for the first time since I started watching OUAT actually predicted that (*spoiler*) he would be a flying monkey. Score one for Brittany! Before I thought that though, I did think he would stick around longer and cause more drama, but I’m glad he didn’t.

Hook reaching for another drink when Auggie/Walsh came to the door is enough to make me think that if Emma doesn’t pick him we are going to be in for some serious indie moping. Also, from the amount of times I squeed at his and Emma’s interactions in this episode I think it is safe to say that I am seriously becoming a Captain Swan fan.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, a year ago, the fairy tale characters are all popping up. Aurora and Philip, annoying as ever, have someone they need to tell about Snow White and Co.’s return. Maleficent? Or are they reporting to the Wicked Witch of the West? I really only vaguely care. Like I’ve said before, these characters are annoying. Also annoying, Snow’s continual optimism. Regina rips her own heart out because she has lost everyone she has ever loved. You can’t really blame her. You think Snow would understand having just lost her daughter and grandson, but she’s too busy spouting cheerfulness all over the place.

The only good thing that came out of this conversation that I feel like we’ve heard a million times on this show before (Choose love! You can be happy again!) is that Robin Hood saves Regina and Snow from a flying monkey!  His arm of course is covered and he and Regina start fighting right away so you know they’re going to be totally perfect for each other.

Oh another thing I was right about, Emma gets her memory back, (yay) but Henry doesn’t (boo). Conveniently Hook only has enough memory potion (um where did that come from again?) to bring back one person’s memory, so of course it has to be the savior. Also, memory wipe Henry doesn’t believe in magic. Hook explains there is YET ANOTHER curse that has brought everyone and the town of Storybrooke itself back. Emma, Henry, and Hook (now Killian) roadtrip to Maine and cute Hook/Emma banter about how Hook should not scare Henry ensues. Emma goes back to her old place to find Snow and Charming back and remembering her. Oh and they’re putting Ginnifer’s pregnancy to good use because Snow is now very pregnant herself. They both can’t remember anything except saying goodbye to Emma and the fact that they’ve been gone for a year. Okay what? At first I was convinced that a flying monkey was going to open the door and kidnap Emma, but when that didn’t happen I kept trying to figure out what exactly was going on. So they’re all just back now? No one can remember their time in the Enchanted Forest? Is it just me or were Snow and Charming not as excited as would be expected to see their daughter? Something is rotten in the state of Maine. 

The show ends with the introduction of another baddie making an evil potion and cackling. Regina may be the evil queen, but as this new character says, “wicked always wins.” So far there is just something about the Wicked Witch I don’t like, but we have only seen her for a few minutes. I just hope she can be as evil as Pan and can give Regina someone good to go up against. Regina is never better then when she’s being bad for a good reason.

I don’t like being caught up because now I have to wait all the way until next Sunday to see what happens.

Final Words

  • Finally Henry asks Hook what we have all been thinking: 
  • I haven’t watched the new Once Wonderland yet. Honestly I forgot it was on/what was even happening in it because I got too obsessed with the original.

Favorite quotes:

  •  Emma: You’re a crazy person or a liar or both. Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?
  • Snow White: So that’s it? Emma’s gone and you’re going back to being a pirate? Hook: Back? Milady, I’ve always been a pirate.


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