Can We Please Stop Talking About ‘Star Wars’ Episode 7 Casting?

To preface this post I have to say: I’m not a Star Wars fangirl. I could not tell you a single thing about the Senate or the leaders or even the actual war that takes place (Wait…is there even one? Now I feel dumb…*goes to google synopsis*).

Senior year of high school my friends and I marathoned the entire series and even though I’ve seen them several times since and then, I could not tell you what events took place in what film. (Watching 7 movies in a row can do that to a person.) That being said, I do I love the films. They’re funny, have great stories and characters (for the most part) and feature my favorite genre: sci-fi/fantasy. Most importantly, the Star Wars films are a part of film history. I am excited for “Star Wars: The Next Generation” because again, film history is being made here and I am alive to see it and that’s not something that happens every day.

Today there has been a lot of news about names being thrown around for parts in the upcoming Star Wars films directed by one of the only men I trust to do the job, J.J. Abrams. Now, I cannot comment on any of these articles or even the news itself because I didn’t read any of them. I chose not to. I don’t blame the people who wrote the articles, their jobs are to report on entertainment, but why would you want to read them? From the little I’ve seen via twitter, there seem to be a lot of different emotions going around. So far I think J.J. has been doing a great job of keeping most of the info about Episode 7 on the DL. And if anyone can keep us guessing it’s him. My theory is though, why talk about these casting rumors at all? Why even read the articles? Why not let yourself be surprised?

Now believe me, I know this is easier said then done. In 20 years (or maybe even less the way the industry works now a days) when they remake the Harry Potter series or make a film about Harry’s kids, I’ll be all over any piece of news that I can find. As an outsider of this fandom (and fandom is almost too calm of a word to describe what Sis to some people), it is easy for me to say, “Just wait and be surprised.” But just think, there are a million and one ways these films can go from the books series to the TV shows to the video games to a completely new story(!!). Wouldn’t it be a cool experience to walk into a theater for the new film follow up to your favorite film series of all time and know nothing, not even who is in the cast or what the story’s about? I’m jealous just thinking about what that would feel like.

It’s probably an impossible task to achieve today with more ways to talk about films then ever before. I’m going to try and do the best I can because I don’t want to know if Han and Leia’s daughter is going to be in the new film or if we ever get to see Luke’s wife Mara (and no I did not have to look that up). Like I said, it’s not often you get to be a part of film history so I want to know as little as I can. After all, you only get to see a film for the first time once.


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