We Deserve Each Other: ‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.13

I’m sorry not sorry going to apologize in advance for using Wicked songs as the titles of the rest of my blog posts for this season of Once Upon a Time. I’ve been inspired. Even though we haven’t seen the magical land of Oz quite yet, I’m sure we are going to some point soon as we learn more and more about this season’s villain du jour. This week’s episode had a lot of exposition and a few answers, plus a twist we all saw coming. (Or at least I did. Score another one for me!)

Let’s just start talking about Regina because really this episode is all about the Evil Queen. The moment we have all been dreading, well for one episode at least, finally happened tonight: Regina sees Henry. This entire episode was full of punch-you-in-the-gut moments, but that may have been one of the worst. Her face crumpling at the site of a son who doesn’t remember her was heart breaking and as strong as any performance we’ve seen by Lana Parrilla. I also like that despite the fact that Emma STILL can’t believe things about the fairy tale world are real (like how surprised she was that Oz existed, really girl?), she has changed. She understands how Regina feels and even though she may not admit it, Regina is part of the reason why Emma came back to Storybrooke. She wants Henry to have a family, no matter how messed up that family may be. Also, seeing Emma and Regina working together to figure out who cursed the town made me want to see a buddy cop comedy starring both of them and lots of stake outs.

Also going on in Storybrooke, residents are disappearing. A clue finally comes in the form of a flying monkey who bites Little John…who then turns into a flying monkey himself. Honestly, I could care less about this part of the episode. The only good thing that came out of it all was that Hook, Robin Hood, and David Charming all got to be in several scenes together and I almost couldn’t handle it because there was too much hotness going on. Another cop comedy could easily come from this trio although there would be a lot more bumbling around and general confusion and adorableness. With this as the show’s theme song.


Speaking of Robin, we get some MAJOR Robin/Regina moments in this episode. Back in the Enchanted Forest  a year ago Regina decides it’s best to leave the group to search for a secret tunnel that will led her into the castle so she can turn off the shields. Right. Apparently magic doesn’t work underground. Or something. So Regina goes off and who follows her? Robin of course, who owes her a debt. Earlier in the episode Regina saved Roland and now Robin owes her big time. Or as I like to call it, “the writers of this show just really want us to see Robin and Regina together and drive us crazy because they don’ know they’re SOUL MATES yet.” So Robin and Regina banter and talk about their missing loves and second chances and how much they love their sons and all I could think about is how sad it all was because they wouldn’t be able to remember it. (This is all happening in the past remember?) Our friend Reg isn’t interested in her potential love interest just yet because she’s too busy making a planning to use a sleeping spell on herself so Henry will maybe someday come wake her up? I get that she’s hurting, but the sleeping potion doesn’t seem like the answer. Especially if she’s relying on her ONE TRUE LOVE to wake her up and that’s a kid who 1. doesn’t remember her and 2. isn’t even in the same realm as her. (But jab jab, wink wink we know that Henry isn’t her ONLY OTL.)

Enter Wicked Witch. Previously in this episode we have seen her de-greenified in Storybrooke befriending Mary Margaret aka the world’s most gullible person. She might as well say, “Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. You might be wicked, but deliver my baby?” My mom actually yelled at the TV at this scene, “Oh no, don’t talk to her!”

Anyway, this episode makes a BIG DEAL about the fact that Regina has blood locked a door, well two doors in two different time frames to be exact, that only HER BLOOD can open. But both doors are mysteriously open. Hmm. I wonder how that could be? Oh yeah, because someone with the same blood is walking around aka the Wicked Witch Zelena aka Regina’s half sister. (Another way I knew they were related besides the blood door thing? Z steals Regina’s dress. Classic sister move.) Zelena is angry that Reggie got all of mommy’s (and Rumple’s) love and she’s plotting her revenge. Which brings up a very interesting question: who is your daddy and what does he do? Could Greenie be the daughter of Cora and Rumple? Previously it seemed like they broke up/she removed her heart before anything interesting happened, but with this show you never can tell. The scene between Regina and her new found sibling were so powerful because it is easy to see what losing Henry has done to Regina. Old Regina would have been a formidable foe for Zelena, but now she has no will to live, yet alone fight.  She has nothing to live for. The Wicked Witch may give her a new enemy to face and a sense of purpose again, but nothing can truly replace the hole her son has left and Regina knows it. She tried before to fill the loss of Daniel and her father with her desire to get revenge on Snow White and we all saw how well that worked out. Also, Regina won’t remember her new desire to live because her memory was wiped. (Sadface.)

The episode ended with another minor twist I saw coming: the return of Rumpelstiltskin. While I knew he wasn’t dead I didn’t think he would return this soon. When I saw the cage I thought the Wicked Witch had Neal locked up, but I was happily surprised. Rumple looked a little mad hatter-ey, but we all know by now that you can never count him out. I will admit it was a pretty good ending.

So after this episode we still have a lot of questions. Like who cast the curse. And why? Where did the bird with the memory potion come from? How is Rumple alive? How will Regina get her revenge? Where is Neal? When will Hook find some normal clothes? I guess we’ll have to wait another week to find out what happens.

Final Words

  • Emma telling Henry she knows Mary Margaret from prison was hilarious, as was MM’s reason for being in the clink (banditry)
  • Why do the residents of Storybrooke speak of Oz as if they’ve only heard of it from a book? Why don’t they know this other world exists?
  • Only Parrilla could say, “I don’t care if the lollipop guild is protecting her” with a straight face
  • Jared S. Gilmore’s voice is changing and it’s precious and awkward all at the same time
  • I finally get why people ship Swan Queen with this episode

Robin Hood Rant:

  • Hook fans are #Hookers so naturally Robin fans are #Hoodies
  • The fact that this tweet happened (below) makes life worth living (okay, not really. But a little bit)

  • OMGGG ROBIN IN REAL CLOTHES. LE SWOON. (Can I borrow your scarf sometime?)

Favorite quotes:

  • Emma: Sounds a lot like the monster that attacked me in New York. Hook: You mean the monster you were going to marry? David: You were going to marry someone?? Hook: Did you miss the part where I said monster?

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