My Guilty Pleasure: ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Tonight begins season 18 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and I have to admit, I’m excited. DWTS is one of my few television “guilty pleasures” since I can’t stand shows about entitled rich women yelling at each other (I’m looking at you Housewives of fill-in-the-blank-city). I only really started getting into DWTS last season, meaning I actually sat down and saw it each week. Previously, I had only causally followed along and made snarky comments from the other room while my mom watched. I think it helped that instead of having on like three days a week, ABC reduced it to only one, albeit with a stupid judging system.

There are plenty of other problems with DWTS besides the faulty judging system, but it’s fun. For the most part. Where else can you watch former famous people try serious dance routines while wearing some pretty insane costumes? Plus they all usually have sob stories about obstacles they want to overcome or people they’re dancing for or to just to prove that ANYONE CAN DANCE (except Bill Nye. Love yah, Bill). But sometimes it’s nice to see that even people as smart as Nye aren’t great at everything. Plus, it’s even more fun to watch. Especially when the judges try really hard to think of nice things to say and really just can’t.

Speaking of the judges I could take or leave them, but they do add to the over-the-topness of the whole show. Obviously Bruno is the best for his use of metaphors, followed by Len, and then Carrie Ann who seems to just really like it when the males take their shirts off. Erin Andrews is the new host this season and although I really like her, I don’t know how she’ll fit in with the wacky trio and the show’s overall vibe. If ABC is thinking that hiring Andrews will draw in male viewers I think they are sadly mistaken. I don’t think even the likes of Kate Upton could make some guys watch this show. Something about Andrews comes off as too serious and that is one thing the DWTS never even pretends to be. Personally I would have picked Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski to host because they’re completely over the top in the best way possible and match what DWTS is going for. Their coverage of woman’s figure skating pretty much made this year’s Winter Olympics. I can’t even imagine what their matching judging outfits would look like each week.

Speaking of the Olympics, this season of DWTS has already scored a coup by getting ice dancing favs Charlie White and Meryl Davis to star. While I’m sad we won’t be seeing much of them together,  I can feel myself already hoping for a finale that pits the two against each other.  Other notables I’m excited for this season? Hate-him-unless-he’s-on-your-team former New York Ranger (woo!) Sean Avery. This was the initial casting I was most excited about because it’s so darn random. Plus, Avery is well known for his ‘tude so this season is sure to have more than one ballroom bad boy. (I can’t believe I just said that.) Also, DJ Tanner herself, Candance Cameron Bure who is sure to be a 90’s nostalgia favorite similar to Elizabeth Burkley last season. These casts are always full of vaguely familiar faces like that. Also dancing, the inspirations (Diana Nyad who swam from Cuba to Key West and Amy Purdy, the snowboarder who lost both her legs to meningitis), a couple of teen stars (another singer-found-on-YouTube Cody Simpson and Nick star James Maslow), and some people the old folks will know (Billy Dee Williams from Star Wars and Danica McKeller from The Wonder Years). Plus funnyman Drew Carey and one of those Housewives Nene Leakes.

I’m just ready for some dancing, some fun, and some Bruno judging craziness. If you want to see my thoughts during the show, follow me on twitter. I usually go from live tweeting DWTS to talking about some film for another. (Tonight it may be Miyzaki.) That’s just the kind of pop culture fan I am.


One thought on “My Guilty Pleasure: ‘Dancing With the Stars’

  1. Brittani says:

    This show used to be my guilty pleasure for the longest time! I lost interest during Nicole Sherzinger’s season. I just she was guaranteed a win, and it didn’t make it fun to watch. Plus, Lacey and Julianne were two of my favorite pros. I wish they still competed.

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