What Is This Feeling: ‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.14

For me “this feeling” of the post’s title would be disappointment. For David Charming it would be fear. The second half of the 3rd season of Once Upon a Time has started off so strong that tonight’s so-so episode was a little bit of a bummer. “The Tower” is all of the things that bug me about OUAT: not enough Regina, new characters that are introduced for no reason, no new information gained/the story not moved forward, and a twist ending for the sake of a twist ending.

The episode begins in the Enchanted Forest of the past where we find David in the midst of a semi-creepy nightmare. See, usually David laughs in the face of danger, but after losing Emma for a second time, he’s having some coping issues. In the dream we do finally get to seem Emma all Fairy Tale-d up and talking about her upcoming ball, something we thought we would never see. But of course that doesn’t last and Emma is pulled away, but not before telling David not to “fail the next one.” Which is weird since David wakes to Snow telling him she’s pregnant. What’s weirder is that NO attempt was made to cover Ginnifer’s real pregnancy, sooo she already looks super preggers. (Side note: I could NOT deal if I had to wake up to that much cheeriness first thing in the morning.) David heads straight for the bottle and into the arms of one of his new BFFs, Hood, who has just popped by to tell David that if he wants to stop being such a scaredy cat all he has to do is go to the haunted part of the forest to find a magical root. Haunted forests aren’t scary, but parenthood sure is!

Back in the real world, Regina really just wants to spend some time with Henry, Snow  just really wants her husband to bond with her wicked…ly nice, new midwife, and Emma, Hook, and David just want to play “Where in Storybrooke is the Wicked Witch?” Since we had so much Regina last week, this week we are only graced by her majesty’s presence in a few short scenes, mostly walking along Storybrooke’s duck pond (where did that come from?) learning more about Henry and Emma’s lives. Henry doesn’t seem at all creeped out that this grown woman is paying so much attention to him.

MM of course has invited Zelena into her home after only knowing her for a day or so and willingly takes a drink prepared by her. Charming is a little more uncertain, but after Zelena slips him some of the magical no-fear root, suddenly he’s on board too. Speaking of Zelena, she has a super creepy Sweeney Todd-esq moment with Rumpelstiltskin aka the man she stole the night root from. I’m guessing hoping that all the sexual undertones and closeness of Z and Rumple’s faces in that scenes means that he is not the father. Or at least I really really hope so.

In the past, Charming goes to get the night root and then hears a damsel in distress. So of course instead of going back to his pregnant wife, he goes to investigate proving he has SERIOUS hero syndrome. Luckily it is not a trap, but Rapunzel because for some reason she needs to be here. She needs help fighting a witch who is keeping her locked in the tower. But surprise! We  learn the witch is actually just herself or her worst fears projected. To beat your biggest fears you must first face yourself, which I understand and thought was actually pretty cool. Charming brings Rapunzel back to her family, which doesn’t explain why she didn’t come back with the rest of them for curse part du, but good riddance.

Back in Storybrooke we have been reduced to one really cute Captain Swan moment for this episode when Hook and Emma discuss if she was really considering marrying Walsh. When she admits she was and has had her heart broken he responds:

Which made me squee just a little bit.  They find Zelena’s hideout, but decide they need to call for back up, which turned out to be Regina (hilarious). Also, David is fighting his worst fears aka himself and his inability to be a father when he sees Emma’s bug and conjures up some heroism. The sword that he used to stab “himself” disappears, which we learn from Regina held his bravery. So that should be coming back to bite him in an episode in the near future.

When our gang finally goes into Zelena’s storm cellar the prisoner is gone, but his spinning wheel and straw remain leading all of them to know who the cell belonged to. I thought Rumple seemed more coherent then he was letting on when we saw him previously in the episode, even though he’s definitely still not 100%. Regina’s face at realizing Rumple was alive was the highlight of this episode because it was a mix of shock, pride, joy, and a little something like love/revenge (since to Regina they’re the same thing). Lana Parrilla is THAT good people.

Hopefully next week’s episode will have more of a point; it seems like it will just from the promo which showed Rumple on the loose and the return of Neal (which I can’t decide if I’m happy about yet or not).

Final Words

  • Hook cannot let this monkey thing go. He is definitely hoping Neal was actually turned into one.
  • If Hook fans are #Hookers and Robin fans are #Hoodies then are David fans #Charmers?
  • When David said “Let it Go” did anyone else expect him to start singing?

Favorite quote:

  • (*Hook tries to pull berries off a branch using his hook*) Emma: You’ll look for any excuse to use that thing, won’t you?

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