40 Days of Blogging: Halfway Point

Today is day 20 of my 40 Days of Blogging adventure. I’m halfway done! I can honestly say that when I started this experiment I did not expect it to take me the places that is has. I thought I would write a couple of posts that would be read by my family and maybe some friends and then that would be it. I am honored and humbled that people have had such great responses to the things I’ve been writing. I’ve gained new followers and twitter friends and had people comment on and re-tweet my posts. The more I write, the more people read. Who knew?

I really like thinking of new topics to write about and exploring a wider variety then just my usual TV recaps and movie reviews. I have “forced” myself to write about current events in pop culture, like the Star Wars Episode VII casting and the 10th anniversary of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I otherwise probably would have just tweeted about and then ignored. I tried writing more personal posts such as this one, even if people may not enjoy reading them as much. (Who knows?) This project has challenged me to think more out of the box; something I hope will serve me as I go forward once these 40 days are over. Also, writing everyday has definitely has given me an appreciation for all the blogs I read and the writers who come up with creative, funny, well-written pieces on the daily.

The hardest part through all of this has not been thinking of things to write about, but making myself do the actual writing. Sometimes there are those days where I just don’t feel like writing anything. Sometimes I’m tired or busy or it’s late or sometimes it is the fact that I can’t think of anything to write about. But I push myself and I’m always happier for it. I like writing, but writing everyday can be kind of exhausting. Especially the length of some of my posts. Concise is not my middle name. And for me, writing is an ordeal. It is a process that involves selecting the right spotify playlist for background music, making sure my internet is connected (it notoriously cuts out right when I’m about to post), finding the right pictures/GIFs, and then re-reading/editing what I wrote about 100 times. I would like to say that after 20 days I have gotten a little bit faster at writing, but I’m not sure if that is the case. It depends on the day and my mood.

Going into the second half of my 40 days of Blogging  I don’t think I’ll change very many things. Maybe I’ll try and get my posts up before 11:58, because I’ve cut it close a few times now. I also need to stop myself from getting so distracted mid-blog because I have the tendency to start a post and then go on twitter for an hour or two and then come back and forget what I was doing/looking for in the first place. It’s like I’m back in college and procrastinating an essay all over again-just a little more fun.

Thanks again for reading! I don’t deserve all of you. Next stop, days 21-40…


One thought on “40 Days of Blogging: Halfway Point

  1. Henry Chamberlain says:

    Your writing will definitely improve. You’ll start to see short-cuts to making your points, you’ll see patterns to use and to avoid. And you’ll definitely write faster. Think faster? Yes! Even think faster!

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