Pop Culture That Makes Me Cry

Recently I have started listening to Podcasts. I honestly don’t know what took me so long. Besides making long car rides better, listening to Podcasts has even made going to the gym more bearable… Although I have been getting weird stares from laughing out loud while on the treadmill. One of my favorites is NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour featuring some amazing, funny, and talented writers, bloggers, and pop culture aficionados. Since I am relatively new to this podcast I have been listening to old episodes, most recently “Pop Culture That Makes Us Cry and Somali Pirates” where the group discussed the Captain Philips film and things in pop culture that made them cry which is the inspiration for this blog post.

Honestly, there are A LOT of things in pop culture that make me cry. The first time I remember really crying during a movie was  while watching I Am Sam (2001) with Sean Penn as a mentally disabled father trying to keep custody of his daughter played by Dakota Fanning. Add in a soundtrack of Beatles covers and you got yourself a tear-jerker. Here are some other pop culture things that make me cry in no particular order.

1. Sports films

If there is a movie about any team playing any sport, chances are I will be crying by the end. I saw Rudy in my Spanish class in high school (don’t ask me why) and was a blubbering mess at the end. And it was in a different language! The “He’s my brother” scene in Remember the Titans? Don’t even get me started. Miracle? The Rookie? Moneyball? Check, check, check. I also cried during almost every single episode of Friday Night Lights. 

2. War films

This is pretty much the same as my “crying during sports film thing.” If there is a person in uniform, chances are I will be crying. I once turned on an episode of NCIS and saw a flag draped coffin and lost it even though I had NO IDEA what the episode was about. If there is a military homecoming chances are I’m happy crying so much I can’t speak.

3. THIS SCENE from the “Doomsday” (2.13) episode of Doctor Who. Actually all of that episode. And any regeneration episode. And any time a companion leaves.

4. “The Forest Again”, chapter 34 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Okay let’s be real, I was a mess for the whole book.)

5. The premise of the 80’s film St. Elmo’s Fire

 (That tagline right there really gets yah)

6. The ending of We Bought a Zoo where (*spoiler*) you think no one is coming to the stupid zoo and it turns out the road is just blocked.

7. Any time a character is telling a story about how another character died (usually a family member) and how the last thing they said to them was something mean or a fight they had.

8. Commencement speeches, especially ones given by John Green at Butler University and Neil Gaiman at The University of the Arts.

9. Heath Ledger’s family accepting his “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar.

10. Inspirational montages set to motivational music.

11. Most country song, but especially “In Color” by Jamey Johnson. Gets me every single time.

12. Denny’s death on Grey’s Anatomy.

13. The end of Father of the Bride where Steve Martin’s character doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his daughter Annie before she leaves for her honeymoon.

14. The end of some documentaries, especially if it is a documentary about a person trying to achieve a certain goal and they do it (Nursery UniversitySomm, How to Survive a Plague).

15. These scenes:


How I Met Your Mother (“Bad News” 6.13)

 Battlestar Galactica (“Daybreak, Part II” 4.22 & 23)

I could go on and on.  Despite what this list may suggest, I am actually not *that* big of a crybaby. One thing that doesn’t make me cry though? Animals dying in films. I’m heartless like that I guess.


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