Suck It to the Very End: The ‘Psych’ Series Finale

Today was the series finale of Psych. Unlike my other favorite funny show that ends in a few days time, How I Met Your MotherPsych is a show I have watched since the very beginning. I remembering watching when the show used to be on Friday nights. I remember when Shawn walked into that restaurant and sat down next to Juliet, trying to charm her for the very first time. I remember huddling with my sister on the couch watching the Yin and Yang serial killer episodes. And now, after 8 years of being a Psych-O, the show is over and I don’t know what to do. I always assumed it would be on forever, like all crime shows seem to be (cough cough Law & Order).

The final episode of Psych was a perfect ending. It’s weird, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show from beginning to end, this may be my first one. Usually I start watching a show after it’s already become popular. It was funny, irreverent, and heartbreaking ending, which a show like Psych can actually manage to be surprisingly. At first I was disappointed because it wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be and the “whodunit” part of the story wasn’t that interesting, but then again that is never the point of Psych. The point is the relationships between the characters, their crazy adventures, and the irreverent references. Besides, the last 15 minutes of the episode more than made up for the beginning because it was EVERYTHING we have ever wanted to see. We got to see McNabb FINALLY make detective. Shawn FINALLY open up to Lassiter about his psychic powers via DVD…but then Lassie breaking the DVD before he can finish. (Proving he really is the truest believer!) The identity of  Officer Dobson was revealed! And the best part? The moment I have personally been waiting for since around season 3: Shawn’s proposal to Juliet. (I wanted them to be together before I even knew what “shipping” was.)

=”Really close talking” AKA the moment I started shipping Shules (“Bounty Hunters!” 2.9)

I will miss Psych because it is one of those shows that brings with it so many memories and so many funny moments. Mostly I will miss it because it is a show that my sister and I have watched together for years.  We laugh hysterically at the jokes we get and shrug our shoulders at the 80’s references we miss. We always, always sing along to the theme song. We even use the Shawn and Gus fist bump as our own. Even though she hasn’t watched this last season, once this blog post is up I am going to text her and tell her everything that happened because I know she’ll want to know. Including my favorite line of the finale, “I will marry the CRAP out of you, Shawn Spencer.”

I am going to miss the Psych Outs at the end of the episodes. The new nickname given to Gus every time he is introduced. The “wait for itttts” and the “suck ittttts”. The who’s-who of 80’s guest stars, including my favorites, Ally Sheedy and Cary Elwes. But mostly I am going to miss the excuse to sit with my sister (and sometimes the rest of my family) to watch a show we both love so much (while my dad complains about how ridiculous it is in the background).

We’ve seen these characters change over these last 8 years and while they may not have grown up very much, we love them all the same. They have taught us that it’s okay to make a fool of yourself, to have fun, to believe that anything, ANYTHING is possible.  We’ve heard it both ways. Now it’s time to say goodbye. And thank-you for the laughter and the tears and the tears because of the laughter. I’m already looking forward to the re-runs.

Final Words

  • The “We already have a consultant…he’s alphabetizing the kitchen” bit at the end of the episode was HILARIOUS because MONK
  • “Shawn, We Bought a Zoo lied!”
  • My favorite episodes are “Bounty Hunters!” (2.9), “Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion” (2.15), “Christmas Joy” (3.9), “Any Given Friday Night at 10 PM, 9 PM Central”(3.13), “An Evening with Mr. Yang” (3.16), “Mr. Yin Presents” (4.16), and “1967: A Psych Odyssey” (8.6)

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