Have You Met the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale

I am not an 9 year long devotee of How I Met Your Mother. I started watching about two years ago on Netflix after hearing about the show for awhile. HIMYM is one of those great, funny shows that rewards long time watchers with in joke and long running gags. It has captured what it is like living in New York City, growing and changing with your friends, and all of the crazy places life and love takes us. I haven’t loved every minute of it, especially this last season, but I have enjoyed being a part of the McClarens gang.

The series finale was an emotional roller coaster and perhaps one of the few finales that had me crying more at the beginning then at the end. There was no stronger moment in this entire last season then seeing the gang gathered on the Farhampton Inn deck in the rain saying goodbye to each other. You could tell those tears were sincere. That these are real people who are really going to miss working together. Which always gets me the most about any finale. There was an awesome “Major Pleasure” Robin and Ted salute (one my favorite jokes of the series), Lily and Ted’s E.T. goodbye, and the most epic of high fives. It just felt right.

From there the episode jumped farther and farther into the future with SO MANY great references to the episodes of seasons past. The saddest part is not that we see the gang grow older, it’s that we see them grow apart. They can’t stay young and carefree forever as Robin says midway through the episode at the gang’s last Halloween/goodbye apartment party and she was right. Suddenly it felt like a very different show. A sad show about adults, not a fun show about carefree 20 somethings trying to find love.

So we see the gang grow up, have kids (lots of kids), and wear hair styles that make them look “older” with varying degrees of success (Ted: Looks good grey, Lily: Just say no to that wig). The most surprising of those kids born of course belonged to Barney, even though statistically he probably should have had one a long time ago. That moment when Barney holds his baby for the first time and tell her he will love her forever was extremely touching and a very welcome change in his very static character. Although I do wish her mother at least got a name. Number 31? How rude. It was great to see The Mother (real name: Tracey McConnell…yesh) get more screen time with the rest of the cast. She has such great chemistry with all of them which is hard with such a well established group. Also, Cristin Milioti has really great comedic timing, I hope her next show is good  because I would watch her in anything. I hated seeing Robin grow apart from everyone else during this time, but it also felt natural. She had a career, she had to travel. I wish they showed that her job made her happy at least because it seemed like she was really busy and nothing else, but I’m sure she must have liked what she was doing or she wouldn’t have been doing it. I wasn’t surprised that she and Barney didn’t make it, but I wish they had mostly because I wanted to see Robin as one of those women who could have it all.

Did I cry at the end? You bet that when Ted showed up with the blue French horn from that very first episode there were tears streaming down my face, but at the same time I didn’t love it. I’m not throwing bricks at Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ windows though. I am of the opinion that the writers/creators of a show/book/movie know their characters best. If they say Robin and Ted get back together then that is the way it is. I don’t fight it. I felt like it was coming all along. Isn’t it sort of impressive that two people got to grow and change and have their own lives and still find their way back to each other? However, overall I am a fan of The Sad Ending so I would have preferred the show to end with the Mother dying with Ted by her side and then him leaving the hospital room to see Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall standing outside the door in the ultimate gesture of be there- for-each-otherness. But that’s just me.

Love it or hate it, the finale of HIMYM felt real. You can’t always have everything. Sometimes friends grow apart, sometimes love dies or changes. That’s just a fact of life. The best moments of HIMYM and life in general are the people you make an effort for. The people you promise to be there for  “the big occasions.” For me this show was never about the Mother. I didn’t even think I would like her until Milioti proved me wrong. HIMYM was all about being part of the gang, the people you choose in your life to be your family. HIMYM, like many elements of pop culture, has found its way into the lives of me and my friends. We’ve talked about each others’ “glass shattering” moments (someone recently pointed mine out and now I drive myself crazy), we’ve attempted slap bets, I’ve been called “The Blitz” more then once, and there’s always some reason to hold an intervention. That’s what this show is to me: a collection of jokes from a show that have become my jokes with my friends and I will miss it because of those memories. HIMYM isn’t the world’s best show, but it is a show I can relate to on so many levels. Goodbye friends.Final Words

Favorite Quotes:

  • Marshall: A certain delicate flower cried in the shower all night. Lily: And i was pretty sad too.

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