Name That Tune: TV’s Top Music Moments

This post came about since I had song number 2 stuck in my head. There are A LOT of songs that could be on this list, but I have selected these 5 songs because I can’t hear them without remembering those great TV moments they bring to mind. So without further ado, here is the (very small) list of some of my favorite TV moments because of the songs that accompanied them.

1. ) “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks/”I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones used in Mad Men (“The Other Woman” 5.11 & “The Summer Man” 4.8)

Mad Men uses music of the time period in such great ways that it is hard to pick just one song that is best used in the show. Which is why I picked two. These two songs, “You Really Got Me” and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, perfectly describe the characters they were used to highlight. Peggy’s exit from Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce was one of the most emotional scenes of the show to date. It was an important move for Peggy;  she may be sad to leave but when that song starts she is celebrating her independence. And so are we.

Is there any song that’s better to describe Don Draper than “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”? This man always wants something and most of the time not even he knows what that is. “The Summer Man” was the episode that featured Don’s existential crisis via journal writing, voice overs, and beautifully shot scenes of Jon Hamm in a bathing suit swimming. It is that moment when he walks out of that athletic club and puts on those sunglasses where we are enticed to enter the world of Don Draper all over again.

2.) “Simple Song” by The Shins  used in How I Met Your Mother (“Something New” 8.24)

I know most people are anti-How I Met Your Mother right now, but can we all agree that last season’s finale/reveal of The Mother was perfect? We find out all of the BIG things in the last few minutes of the episode that will come to define the next season like Ted’s move to Chicago and Lily and Marshall’s conflicting job offers, but it is seeing those boots and hearing “One ticket to Farhampton, please”  finally gave us what we had wanted for so long: a glimpse of The Mother. I remember watching this episode and everyone with me immediately wanting to know what song was used because it was so perfect, hopeful and wistful all at the same time.

3.) “I Go to the Barn Because I Like The” by Band of Horses used in Psych (“Mr. Yin Presents” 4.16)

(There are no good videos of the song in the episode…just enjoy the lovely music)

The season finale of the 4th season of Psych was a doozy introducing us to the serial killer, Mr. Yin, and continuing the storyline from “An Evening With Mr. Yang” (3.16). It was an episode full of Hitchcock homages and Ally Sheedy craziness, but the best moment comes at the end when tough as nails detective Juliet O’Hara finally breaks down after being held hostage by Mr. Yin. It was a moment that defined the partnership between Lassiter and Jules AND finally rid us of dreaded Abigail. Kudos to James Roday for directing this ep and choosing this song …which I downloaded right after the show ended.

4.) “With Me” by Sum 41 used in Gossip Girl (“Victor/Victrola” 1.7)

I have a confession to make: I (used to) love Gossip Girl. I watched all the seasons and enjoyed every soapy, drama filled minute of it (okay except that final GG reveal…um what?). This is another show that used music really well even featuring live performances in many episodes. My favorite moment had to be when Chuck and Blair got together (for the first time) in the back of Chuck’s limo no less. The song kicks in at just the right moment and it is equal parts sweet and sexy. Just like C and B.

5.) “Reflecting Light” by Sam Philips used in Gilmore Girls (“Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” 4.21)

One of my favorite “will-they-or-won’t-they” couples Luke and Lorelai finally made some progress when Luke invited Lorelai to be his date to his sister Liz’s renaissance themed wedding. The two got into a little fight before making up and then dancing. The song playing in the background added an air of intimacy and romance even with a crowded dance floor and we all sighed with happiness as it looked like they finally “would”. It was a really sweet moment and one of my favorite Luke/Lor scenes of the show because it shows him really going out of his way to make an effort to impress her.


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