A Little More Personal: California Here I Come!

I have been putting off writing this blog post for awhile now, maybe because I think that once it is out there it makes it real. And I for one cannot believe it’s really happening. If you read my blog (or if you don’t that’s okay too…I guess) you will remember that almost a month ago I posted about being torn over whether to stay in New York or move to California. If you haven’t guessed my decision based on the title already well…I’m MOVING TO CALIFORNIA. Right now I’m calling it a “work-cation”, half work and half vacation, since it’s not a permanent move. Yet.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Last month I had a one of those rare things called a job interview and afterwards I met with one of my PA friends. We both were complaining about what little luck we’ve been having finding work and about how much we just needed a change of scenery. And then we started talking about something crazy: what if we drove to CA, together, to find work? It would mean there would be someone to split driving and costs and just someone to share the experience with. We sat in a Starbucks for over three hours just talking about details, if we were certifiable, and what said trip would entail and by the end of the day we had decided: Plan California was a Go. Surprisingly my parents were all for the idea. Or I shouldn’t say surprisingly, I have the best, most supportive parents in the world and they just want me to be happy. Same thing with my friends. Every single person I’ve told so far has told me how happy they are for me, how brave I am, and how much they are going to miss me. Not a single one told me I was crazy, which is what I completely expected.  Maybe they just all didn’t say it to my face so if any of you are reading this, I thank you for that.

We are leaving this Sunday and driving across the country. We are stopping at Kansas where I get to visit my very dear friend who [thelma-and-louise.jpg]lives there and I will try to not make too many Wizard of Oz jokes (no promises). I also get to see Colorado and New Mexico and more friends in Arizona, and the thing I’m most looking forward to: THE GRAND CANYON where I will (again) try not to make too many Thelma and Louise or The Brady Bunch jokes (and again will probably break said promises). I have pretty much only seen the east coast of the US (and Washington state) so I am pretty excited about the drive and seeing all this beautiful country has to offer. Plus, I can check a whole bunch of states off my list which is great because one of my biggest goals in life is to see all 50 states before I turn 50. (I have 17 now.)

Once I get to LA…well I haven’t actually thought about that in much detail yet because if I’m being honest to everyone and myself, I’m completely terrified about what happens once I get there. I have to find a place to live and a source of income all while trying not get lost in a brand new city (impossible). Also, the last time I was this far away from my family and friends was when I went to college…and that wasn’t even three hours away. This time I’ll be three THOUSAND miles away from my family (besides a few family members who live in Washington). That’s more than slightly terrifying. But you know what? It’s also exciting. College was the best four years of my life even with that first year being one of the worst. Because at first I hated being away from home and everything I knew. Little did I know I would be have to practically be dragged away from my school three short years later. Little did I know I would make lifelong friends and a second place to call my home.

So maybe it’s time to find a third home. It’s time to make a change. Because no matter how scared I am, I will always be more scared to NOT know what could have been. So if I move to LA and it sucks? Okay, then I’ll just come back to NY. I have no job or significant other holding me back. There is no better time to make this life changing move. I know I will always regret it if I don’t try.  Plus, I am lucky to have someone crazy enough to take this journey with me!

Sadly all this exciting news means I will be cutting this 40 Days of Blogging project short. Being on the road means I won’t always have access to the internet/time to actually write things. Besides I really want to enjoy my road trip. Although my friend and I will be starting our own blog about our adventures! Once we have it up and running I will be sure to share the link. I do want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, read/liked my posts, and re-tweeted or shared what I’ve written. It means more than you know. Don’t cry just yet though! I will still try to blog as best I can this week before I leave (I do have to pack though and my packing skills or lack thereof are a post for another time). And don’t worry, I will still be blogging in general, I just don’t know about the frequency, especially at first. The rest as they say is, “to be continued”…

Oh and since I ended my last California related post with a song, I’ll do the same for this one:


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