40 Days of Blogging: The Conclusion

When I started out on this 40 Days of Blogging journey I did not know two things:

  1. Lent is a period of 40 days WITHOUT counting Sundays meaning either I should have given myself off on Sundays or that I should have really been writing for 46 days. That would’ve been nice to know as I was labeling these posts because I kept getting VERY confused about the numbering.
  2. I would be going to California, leaving before Easter Sunday and therefore technically not blogging for the full period of Lent.

What I did know is that I made a promise to myself to write a post every day for 40 days. And for 38 days now I have kept that promise (minus yesterday because I was busy packing for my trip and visiting family). I have to say I am proud of myself for completing my goal. I know I technically did not make it to the big 4-0, but that was not by choice. I would keep writing everyday if I could, but I have adventures waiting for me out west and so it is with a tiny bit of sadness and a feeling of accomplishment that I write my last of my 40 Days of Blogging posts.

This experience has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I have gained new followers, had people “like” and share my posts, and have thought of something new to write about each day without making myself fall asleep. More importantly, I have gained confidence in my writing abilities. My writing is the one thing I have always been something I am confident about because (luckily) writing  has always come easily to me. I was the girl who was confused by people who complained about having 3 page papers to write. I took a creative writing class for fun. I WAS AN ENGLISH MAJOR FOR GOSH SAKES. However, 9 times out of 10 I still find myself plagued with doubt especially when it comes to posting my writing online. Sometimes I don’t write reviews to movies or shows I watch because I think, “What’s the point?” If the film I want to write about has been out for weeks or years why I would even bother writing something other tons of people already have opinions on? Specifically those people with more experience and intelligence than me.

However, this project forced me to share my opinions. If I didn’t have to think of a new topic to write about every day I guarantee you that around 75% of these posts wouldn’t have been written. But  they were and people read them (shocker of all shocks). I proved, mostly to myself, that my opinion matters. And honestly I don’t care that some of my posts had 6 readers and that some had 65, what matters most to me is that I had the courage to put it out there despite my previous misgivings.

I know going forward onto day 41 and 65 and even further into the future that I will be more willing to put my thoughts into writing. If you know me, even just via twitter, then you know I have A LOT to say (and if you know me in person I apologize because you know A LOT doesn’t even begin to cover it). I also know that I will try and not just write movie reviews in the future, but continue posting about books and music and lists and a more personal things particularly with this new, west coast chapter of my life beginning.

40 Days of Blogging may be done, but I’m not going anywhere. Well, except to California. This blog will still exist…just maybe after a short break. As always, thanks for reading, following, tweeting, liking, and sharing. Keep an eye out for my next post which will more likely than not be brought to you from another time zone!

Final Word

  • There may have been a few days where I posted after 12 am and then edited the date/time so it looked like it was posted at 11:59…



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