Thank Goodness: ‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.19

I know most of my recent posts have only be Once Upon a Time recaps and I apologize for that. I promise eventually I will resume posting about a multitude of things, especially as more and more summer films start coming out. Until then, let’s discuss “A Curious Thing.”  This episode was full of I-saw-that-coming moments, cheesy Charmings, and Henry and his adjusting voice.

I’m pretty sure 95% of the OUAT opening scenes/Enchanted Forest flashbacks begin with a hooded figure on horseback. I liked seeing that shortly after being transported back to the land of magic everyone had time for a quick costume change into their most majestic attire. I for one have missed Regina’s epic hair and dress combos. Snow was also appropriately regal and pregnant. Robin looked pretty much the same as he does in Storybrooke. Oh and Aurora and Phillip are back, but no Mulan who I guess is off in the woods somewhere with the rest of Robin’s Merry Men? For some reason Aurora and Phillip’s baby isn’t good enough for Zelena. Poor kids can’t even do that right. They tell Snow and Charming about Z’s plan for their kid before being promptly turned into monkeys by the wicked one herself. It’s definitely an improvement for those two. Zelena does some truly epic bad guy monologuing before flying off on her broomstick. She makes my skin crawl which again means Rebecca Mader is doing her job right. While I like Pan a little better, she is more than holding her own as the baddie du jour.

All of the EF scenes were much more interesting than they have been because we got to see what everyone was up to in the days leading up to the curse. Besides borrowing clothes from Ren Fair the unlikely group of Regina, Snow, Charming, and sometimes Robin have been breaking into castles, meeting Glinda the Good, oh and CASTING A CURSE. That’s right, the good guys cast the curse to get back to Emma after learning from the White Witch and Emma look-a-like that only someone who’s magic comes from the purest source can take away Zelena’s magic making pendant. Why do I feel like Emma can’t be the savior twice? I thought maybe Henry could do it this time, but I guess it depends on the definition of True Love. Also, shouldn’t that kid have powers of his own by now? Look at his linage, there’s no way he’s a squib.

I wasn’t surprised that Snow and Co. cast the curse, only how they did it. For just one second I thought, “Wait, is Josh Dallas leaving the show?” before remembering that no one dies for real in the EF. The whole “we have one heart let’s just share it” thing was a little much for me. But this show is a BIG fan of True Love and so it’s keeping with that theme. I thought the most powerful scene was Regina holding Snow’s heart in her hands and the look on her face at realizing how far she had come. Regina had wanted that heart for almost two seasons and would’ve done anything to get it back then. Now she here she is, holding it, and breaking it in half to help save her former enemy. That’s some character development.  While Lana Parrilla delivers some of the best lines of the show she is strongest when just relying on the expressiveness of her face.

Back in Storybrooke the same trio plus Emma and sometimes Hook have decided that they way to break the curse is the same as before: get Henry to believe in magic and then break the spell with True Love’s kiss. To make Henry remember all they have to do is find the book of fairy tales he read in the first place. Why no one has thought of that sooner is beyond me. The only important thing is that Henry does touch the book (that magically appears in Snow’s closet) and he does remember everyone again including Regina in the sweetest moment perhaps all season. Plus it is Regina who kisses Henry and breaks the second (Snow imposed) curse that gives everyone their memories back including how to defeat Zelena. The Wicked Witch shows up and tries to kill Henry (finally), but it doesn’t work because Emma whips out her super-powerful-when-convenient magic and burns the witch. And even though he tells the truth about his magic lips Emma tells Hook she can’t trust him because there can’t be a happy ever after ending just yet.

But Henry has his memories back! And he remembers and is not scarred by seeing Regina and Robin making out in the hallway. Actually Henry seems pretty psyched to have Robin as a new step dad even after all the paling around with everyone’s favorite Captain. He also remembers Neal who we even got to see in a brief moment this episode, sending Emma the memory potion like I always knew he did. As everyone is remembering the valiant hero who sacrificed himself to save them all Snow starts going into labor. Things are going to start heating up especially since there are only three episodes left until the finale. Let the baby snatching begin!

Final Words

  • I try to avoid OUAT promos as much as possible because they give EVERYTHING away, but I do see some things on tumblr
  • Henry would be a Yankees fan
  • REGINA BROKE THE CURSE WITHOUT A HEART. The power of a mother’s love, y’all.
  • Snow and Charming scenes are that much cuter because Ginnifer and Josh are real life husband and wife (as of recently too)

Favorite lines:

  • Snow: Regina, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were smitten. Regina: If I didn’t know any better I would say Haagen Dazs is smitten with your stomach.
  • Hook: Henry, this is my friend Mr. Smee. Henry: Like from Peter Pan? Smee: You remember? Henry: I’ve seen that movie a million times.
  • Robin: Where I come from a simple “thank you” would suffice. (It’s the way she says it, just look at that eyebrow raise.)

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