‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Proof Marvel has the Infinity Gauntlet

Since people are still talking about Guardians of the Galaxy, I figured I would throw my two cents in.

Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s infinity gauntlet. (Please hold while I explain). It is the company’s way of showing they have The Ultimate Power. Make a comic book movie that’s pretty much an original story with a ragtag bunch of unlikely heroes no one’s ever heard of and have that film make millions of dollars? Done. Fire (because of “creative differences”) beloved fanboy director Edgar Wright? Easy. Make a movie about a guy who can turn himself into an ant? What else you got?  As if we didn’t already know, Marvel is the master of the universe and we’re just along for the ride.

But what a fun ride it is. Guardians is laugh out loud, punch drunk fun. It can stand on it’s own as a kind of space adventure film while still weaving in critical Marvel Easter Eggs, characters, and storylines. And while I applaud all of this, at the same time I am not in the least bit surprised. Why did people think this movie would fail? Marvel could make a film about paint drying in Tony Stark’s garage and fanboys (myself included) would line up to see it. By now, it’s far more about the Marvel brand than the film itself. You want to see how the films connect, where they take the universe, what’s going to happen next. And to be involved in that conversation means seeing every film, regardless of if you think it looks good or bad.

When I first started hearing the news about Guardians I admit I was skeptical, but there was never a point in my mind where I considered NOT seeing it. Well, maybe there was, but with the fanboys of twitter a buzz, I decided I wanted in. Marvel movies have become a conversation as much as an experience. If you are active in social media or in life and you haven’t seen the newest Marvel movie opening weekend, be prepared to avoid all forms of communication or just plain have nothing to say. My favorite part of seeing a new Marvel film is talking and reading about it afterwards. Which is why, as a Marvel fan and social media user, I knew I had to see this film. I was curious as to what it was all about and I wanted to be informed-not just for Avengers 3-but also for everyday conversations. 

So is Guardians groundbreaking? I would say no. The Marvel name is attached and that alone that brings in a fanbase, money, marketing, and a set of expectations. I don’t see too many differences between the tone of Guardians and the first Iron Man film. I would be more impressed if this film was made by a small studio with everything to lose. And sure, Guardians could have tanked costing Marvel money and causing people to talk about if they were “losing their touch”, but in the long run would that have meant anything? Would ANYONE consider not seeing Age of Ultron because Guardians was a bad film? I don’t think so.

Did I enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy? You can bet your bottom dollar that I did and hope to see more characters that make me laugh as much as Drax did with his “Nothing goes over my head” line. But if you think I thought this film was better than Captain America: The Winter Soldier then I’m going to assume you’re an agent of Hydra.


Final Thoughts

  • This is the first film where I didn’t leave elated/pumped because of the end credits scene. Maybe I’m a bit young, but I didn’t get it/thought it was pointless. Tease the next film that’s the only reason I stay! (Just kidding, someone has to care who the 2nd gaffer is besides his mom.)

4 thoughts on “‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Proof Marvel has the Infinity Gauntlet

  1. Mr Blogtastic says:

    I hope the post credit was pointless because if the are making another movie with the fowl creature then may God have mercy on our souls!
    It was in keeping with the overall tone of the film though-random/not to be taken seriously. And with the music/Bacon references was aimed at the same demographic.

    Well that’s what I thought anyway :/ good point about having nothing to say if you don’t see it on opening weekend, my twitter feed made little sense for a few days!!

    • Peter Thomas says:

      James Gunn has already come out and said that the only reason Howard the Duck was in the movie was because Marvel just recently regained his movie rights and so Gunn thought “why not”. He’s a very eclectic movie maker and putting in Howard is just one example of the weird things that he does.

      • Brittany Rene' Rivera says:

        I do appreciate Gunn’s irreverence, but personally I like to get hyped up for the next film. It’s my favorite part of seeing a Marvel movie in some way so I was a little let down. But I do understand the decision.

      • Mr Blogtastic says:

        Well that is the best news I’ve heard all day. I was genuinely worried that the duck was getting another movie, I was thinking of writing a strongly worded letter to someone!!

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