TidBritt: Why I Love the Internet

Welcome to a new section of my blog: TidBritts! What an adorable name you say? Why thank you! So what are TidBritts? TBs are going to be short, little posts (the goal is no more than 200 words) about random little things I want to talk about. I’m imposing a word limit on myself because if you read my posts you know already that I tend to be long winded. This is just another way to get me blogging without feeling like I have to dedicate hours of time and lots of words.

The first TidBritt I would like to discuss is one of the many reasons why I love the internet. I have recently been reading John Krakauer’s heartbreaking novel Into Thin Air about the disaster that took place on Mount Everest in 1996. This book is about two subjects that I know nothing about: mountain climbing and Mount Everest. Krakauer, an advanced climber, describes the trip in detail: the equipment used, what the terrain looks like, the weather conditions and I still had trouble picturing it all. When I read I like to imagine the events taking place; especially with non-fiction books I like to imagine them as accurately as possible. With this book it was hard getting into all the technical information. That’s where google comes in. With a quick images search I can see not only what a crampon looks like, but also the view from the summit of Everest itself. I know its 2014 and this shouldn’t amaze me, BUT IT DOES.  Technology is amazing and we should appreciate the world we are lucky enough to live in. Reading this book has definitely made me more appreciative of the little things and if you haven’t read this book I suggest you do so immediately.

(Okay so that was 206 words. Man 200 words is nothing.)


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