Fangirl Friday-11/7/14

Welcome to yet another new blog section where I talk about the things that have me fangirling this week. (Let’s be real, there are always a lot of things that fit this category.)

1. Interstellar 

the office animated GIF

I feel like I have been waiting for this film forever and its finally here! I have successfully avoided all trailers, reviews, and (most) reaction tweets so I am going into this film blind-just how I like going into Chris Nolan films. Also, living in L.A. gives me plenty of options of how I want to see it, meaning I have to decide if I want to splurge and go for IMAX or the bright, bold 70 mm. I’m seeing it on Saturday at noon because I don’t want to go after work; I need to be fully awake and mentally prepared.

2. The Doctor Who season 8 finale 

There is a question that goes: If you had to choose between only watching TV for the rest of your life or only watching movies what would you do?

johnny depp animated GIF

The answer for me is always movies, but then there’s this little show called Doctor Who that makes me hesitate just a little. Not see any of the Doctor’s adventures meeting new aliens and traveling to different worlds and learning about what it means to be human all at the same time? It would be a hard decision, especially since this season has been so incredibly good, probably my favorite since the David Tennant days. Capaldi has brought new life into this show (ha-ha) and I really appreciate how this Doctor is both darker, funnier, and more alien than his predecessors. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second part of the finale even if it does mean there will be no new episodes until the Christmas special. (Especially since I REALLY didn’t see that twist from part 1…unlike everyone else apparently.)

3. The Into the Woods trailer

I am so hype for this film it is not even funny. Sadly I have never seen Into the Woods on Broadway, but I did watch a filmed version of the stage play for my creative writing class (to inspire us to write our own fairytales) and I was instantly hooked by the twisted, yet familiar story. I cannot wait to drag my family to see it on Christmas Day. I don’t know why I’m surprised that Meryl Streep has the voice of an angel because she’s Meryl-Freakin-Streep. Also, hearing the first snippets of  “Prologue: Into the Woods” was even better than I thought. This will definitely be a soundtrack I buy as a CD and play in my car on repeat.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Star Wars Episode VII got a title: The Force Awakens. I don’t consider myself a SW fangirl, but I did enjoy all of the joke related tweets that followed suggesting The Force needs coffee.
  • Toy Story 4 is a thing now. I didn’t love Toy Story 3 as much as everyone else, but I did think it was a perfect ending to the trilogy. However, like many people on twitter pointed out, with Disney/Pixar now owning Marvel and Star Wars could add for some interesting crossovers. (Plus it’s hard not to be excited about a new Pixar film in general.)

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