Fangirl Friday-8/12

I’m bringing it back again! Here are the things that had me excited this week.


Sweet Christmas I am SO excited for this show.

The tiara! The music! The shirtlessness!

I have been looking forward to Luke Cage ever since Mike Colter stole my heart with his performance in Jessica Jones and now his solo outing is only a month away. This is going to be important. Everything I’ve seen and read so far proves that is is going to be so much more than just a superhero show. I’m ready for a grittier, more political street drama that also happens to feature an unbreakable man.

And while I’m excited to see Clare Temple (Rosario Dawson) back again as the glue in the Netflixverse, she better stay away from Luke because Luke and Jessica forever. (Honestly if Luke gets any woman in this show that’s not Jess I’m going to be v. unhappy.)

2. Rio 2016 Olympics

I have always been more of a winter Olympics fan because hockey, but this year I have been very invested in the Rio Olympics. I’ve been watching not only gymnastics, but also swimming, soccer, water polo, volleyball, and diving and some other smaller sports in between. I’m a fan of big events that bring people together and it’s been fun watching with friends IRL and on social media and cheering on Team USA. I’ve especially enjoyed all the incredible, strong, unapologetically amazing female athletes like Lilly King, Katie Ledecky, and the women’s gymnastics team. It’s so amazing to see women who are so utterly dominant in their field.

The only thing I’m not enjoying is the coverage and the fact that I have to wait until 11 PM to see sports that happened hours ago especially when I already know who won. I get the whole primetime airing thing, it’s just very frustrating especially when I have to be at work at 5:30 AM.

3. UnREAL Season 2 Finale 

I love UnREAL. If you’re not watching it you should be because it is one of the best shows on television. (Oh and did I mention it’s created, written, and many times directed by females? Yeah. GIRL. POWER.)

This second season has been INSANE in the best way possible. It’s one of those shows that you think can’t go there or get any worse and then somehow it does. It’s such a complex show in the way it makes you root for and care about these terrible people and their  very damaged relationships. Quinn and Rachel are two of the most interesting females on TV  right now and some of the things they’ve done this season would make even Cersei Lannister shiver. I loved the finale because it made me laugh, actually shed a tear and also shout”OH MY GOSH” more than once. It’s the perfect summer show.

The MVP of the season is by far Shiri Appleby for her incredible performance as Rachel, a woman truly on the edge. She plays Rachel’s every side from damaged and deranged to powerful and shark cool to perfection. Sometimes it makes me question if Rachel really is crazy or if she’s just a woman who everyone has made feel that way. A special shout out also has to go to Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as Jay for being the most likeable character of the season and for really pushing for (and actually making) change happen.

Honorable Mentions:

I know a new Rogue One trailer came out yesterday, but I didn’t watch it. I have only seen the first one and I will not be watching any more. I did the same for The Force Awakens and it lead to an amazing theater going experience that I would like to repeat. I can’t wait to see the film in December though!


One thought on “Fangirl Friday-8/12

  1. Katy says:

    I’m so excited for Luke Cage! He was amazing on Jessica Jones, and it’s going to be fun to see his origin story. The Rio Olympics have been so much fun. I try to catch a little bit of various sports if I can’t keep up from the semi-finals to medal ceremonies. The programming especially primetime has been a tiny bit frustrating. Nice list!

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