Ratings System

Since the name of my blog is called “Snap, Crackle, Pop…Culture, ” a plays off the slogan for Rice Cripies, for my rating system will be based on cereal qualities.
Fun fact: Even though I am a self proclaimed foodie, cereal is one of my favorite foods.
The ratings goes as follows:

Oat Bran: The worst of the worst. Potentially something you would only want to watch once. Maybe something that’s “good for you” to watch, but you won’t enjoy it.


Stale: Bad. You may try to get through this type of film, but it’s only because nothing else is on, like when you run out of good, fresh cereal.


Soggy: Good, but not great. This means the film is watchable, but like soggy cereal, less enjoyable.


Needs Milk:  These are films that could use a little something to make them better, like Coco Puffs or Cap N’ Crunch Berries. Sure they taste okay out of the box, but add some milk and it’s perfection. In rating terms this means the film is almost there, but not perfect.

Needs Milk

No Milk Needed: The highest praise. This is a film that needs nothing to make it great, like Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes it is ready to eat straight out of the box.

No Milk Needed

**All cereals belong to their respective brands**


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